Tuesday, January 26, 2010


BUSINESS: What's a Plan Got To Do With It?

I had a lot of fun and laughter thinking about this topic today. I thought about all of the times that I had an idea, the inspiration, the motivation, the drive and the determination to do some things, and had NO real plan. Some things worked, some didn't. Some failed. Some flopped. Sometimes I landed safely, and other times I felt like I was in a free-fall off of a cliff. It's only funny looking back. It was anything but funny at the time. Some of the things I've done before that didn't quite work out, if done again, I would do one thing over: make a PLAN A, PLAN B, PLAN C, ...

I ALWAYS had a strategy, so these were not completely blind leaps that I took. I've had a few formal business plans constructed, too, to guide me. Even so, you know what I learned the hard way? Even the best laid plans can fail, too. It's the one thing about business that can get so tricky and frustrating, the day-to-day calculations of what you'll produce. Or not.


So what does having a plan really have to do with anything? Well, a business associate told me something very interesting recently. She and her partners were constructing a deal to acquire business from another company. They are smart, experienced women, and were eager to get this client on board. They were promised a deal if they could provide the plan that would guarantee the client the financial success he needed.
They were confident that they could, but due to some timing factors with preparation, failed to show the client how his business goals fit into their business strategy. Can you say "OOPS"? So, instead of walking away with the whole caboodle of business, he gave them a small quotient of it as a "trial run". They needed and wanted all the business he had allocated for them, but didn't get it.

That was still a good thing, but having a plan, a strategy to view, would have netted them much more money. That was the goal. That was the plan. The plan was clear in their thinking, but there was nothing on paper to show their client.
Plans provide focus. They can be altered, but they keep us moving toward our goals. They help us remember to make our decisions based on the structure that is already in place. Flexibility is important, of course, but the PLAN is the course of action that gets us from our starting point to the finish line.


I've also learned that businesses that don't survive, don't for a great variety of reasons. Sometimes I felt like questioning my own intelligence when things didn't work out. I stopped before going on that trip, because I know my intellect, and I know myself. Trust me, there are variables that go into becoming successful that go far beyond your intelligence, hard work, faith and money. On any given day, someone else's decision could impact everything you've planned. Someone or something that happens can so blindside you in the midst of your strategy and throw everything out of whack. How can you possibly plan for that? You pick yourself up and dust yourself off, and hopefully, keep going if you can.

No one PLANS to fail, but I have also learned that once you have put your business plan together, there should be an "alert clause" at the end saying that it may not work. Factual. Sad, but true. I know that sounds negative, but businesses still fail annually at an alarming rate, and not because they didn't have a plan.


The recent Vikings and Cowboys game comes to mind (because I'm a FAVRE-VELOUS fan!). To the best of their understanding and ability, those teams came out to do business. They had studied strategy, had a plan as definable as possible. Each team, when given the ball, made their plays to the best of their strengths, ability and focus. They called the plays as each prior play required. There was one goal in mind: TO WIN. That would be the ultimate SUCCESS for that team. The athletic prowess was there, but sometimes things just were not working out, not going according to the "plan". The Cowboys lost, not because they are not a great team, and not because they don't have great leaders.

Sometimes the "business" of all of our "trying" just doesn't give us the results we planned for. If you can see the analogy, it's the same for business folks. You don't always lose because you didn't plan well or try hard enough.

Then do you really need a plan? YES. Do you need to know that plans can take an unexpected turn? YES, YES. Should you understand going in that being in business is, in itself, a tough business? YES, YES, YES. If you understand that, you're ready to do business, my friend, and by all means necessary, hang in there.



I've been doing some reading on the history of the multilevel marketing industry. I discovered several things in my research. The whole idea began by individuals who needed money who then developed and sold products to neighbors and friends, sometimes door-to-door.

In a couple of cases, these salespersons were able to grow their efforts into full-blown business ventures, requiring the assistance of additional reps. To make the endeavor interesting, lucrative and more worthwhile, increased commissions and incentives were offered to motivate the salespeople to distribute more product. Even greater rewards came in the form of bonuses if they brought other sales reps on board. The initial sales reps earned commissions on the sales of the reps they brought in, as well as the special bonuses rewarded by the company.

I don't know about you, but that sounds like simple math, and an extremely simple approach to earning a good to great income. It's the reason I like multilevel marketing: it makes sense if you can sell a product you can identify with and make money at the same time, and offer the same opportunity to someone else who can benefit, too. I don't want to make it appear to be the easiest path to financial success, because like anything else, it takes time and effort to build your business. You have to be "cut out" to do this sort of thing.

Network marketing, or multilevel marketing as it is more commonly known, requires both real networking and real marketing. You can do that with your circle of influence, within your church family, community, on your day job, or you could reach out through various social and professional media sites to sell the product and recruit other reps.

Depending on the time and effort you invest, you can grow a successful home-based business pretty quickly. Some marketers approach it more slowly, and others become very prosperous within weeks and months. One thing I know for sure, it can really pay off if you work at it. It is a terrific source of residual income for many, and who wouldn't like to be earning while you're sleeping?

Now, about the Trump Network. It works like all the other successful network marketing companies. It is not a scam, a scheme or a pyramid. It is a legitimate business opportunity, like Shaklee, Amway and Mary Kay. In this case, you invest an initial $500 to start, and then get others to do the same. You also, and as a primary focus, market the variety of health and wellness products offered by the company. You have to maintain a level of volume each month, but that becomes easy as you get other marketers on board.

Now, as I said, this IS NOT, I repeat, IS NOT for everyone. Yes, the math works, but it DOES NOT work if no one in your down line is working on getting other marketers signed up to join the company. Example: if you join my down line by investing your $500, you then need to get three to five other people that you can count on to invest $500 also, and they need to do the same, and so on, and so, on. The good news is that you can start earning substantial money immediately, although that just depends on what your goals are. You can get people to join in with you fast and now, or slowly. Either way, you build a great income for yourself ultimately.

So, with that being said, I will extend a special invitation to any of you who are interested, to take a closer look at this particular company. Please email at silverraefox@gmail.com for more info. I send you the details of the business plan and then you call me if you are ready to get started, or if you have questions. If you have been looking to do a business of your own, this just might be the BIG NAME that you've been looking for!


Monday, January 25, 2010


Think "FOXY" and Grow $$$

First, let me say that I am not a money "guru". The purpose of "FOXY MONEY" is three-fold: One, I will share the trials and triumphs of my personal and professional money wisdom, worries, woes and wealth, with the hope that you can learn from my mistakes, laugh at my foibles and get yourself on the path to thinking and becoming rich.

Second, I will share strategies that will increase your wealth from the experts, the wise and wealthy, from the business savvy and powerful men and women who really know how to build wealth.
I am constantly excited and amazed at the ingenuity of these people who are so CLEVER, which is, by the way, what I am referring to when I use the term "FOXY MONEY". My goal will be to embellish us in the type of thinking and doing that will make some of us rich, and some of us very, very rich.

Third, I am an independent marketer for a very successful network marketing/multi-level marketing corporation, and will be offering this opportunity to others who can see the value in this amazing business venture.

Why another blog about money, especially since I am not a financial mastermind, and just currently working on getting wealthy? I am already WEALTHY, WEALTHY, WEALTHY in so many ways, and incredibly blessed. I wish I could spend that, because I would never want for anything. However, like many of you, I want a BIG, really BIG FAT BANK ACCOUNT. So, while I am working on becoming REALLY wealthy, so will you if you do all of the things we'll be learning from this blog. Why? Simply, because WE NEED MONEY! I prefer a LOT of it. You, too?


They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Well, then, let's become new dogs, and learn more about the old tricks: the things about money that have always made folks financially empowered; things like genius, imagination, invention, investing, energy and hard work. There are tried and true methods for building wealth that a lot of us haven't and don't apply to our lives. There are wise ways of handling money that many of us ignore. There are sure fire strategies that increase little into much if we follow the rules. It can be tricky, but the magic comes when we perform the good "tricks", implementing those ideas and ideals that have made so many others into great money masters and milli/billionaires.


Some days it seems that getting control over your money is the biggest challenge. Believe me, I know. There is always something needed, something to pay, something that comes up. One of my biggest lessons has been learning that money DOES NOT have a mind of it's own. It does whatever I say do. It goes where I say go. It lands where I spend it. That, in itself, lets me know that discipline and management have to be two of my best friends. The Bible even teaches us that money AND wisdom are a defense, meaning that your prosperity is protected by how you manage what you have. It means that we have must be both more caring and careful about our money. After all, didn't our parents tell us that it doesn't grow on trees? It sure doesn't, but this is true: we can make it grow, by knowing how to plant it and cultivate what we learn about it. If we put our ideas and money where it will prosper, it is certain to give us an abundant crop in return.


This blog is going to chime in with the many other new thinkers who are realizing that the next wave of millionaires are in position. I am going to be one of them, and I am going to encourage you, enlighten you, compel you and challenge you to take yourself to a new level financially, too.

Remember, money does not have a mind of it's own. It will obey you. You make the calls. You make the plans. You make the deals. You make the plays. You chart the course. You become the winner.


If you are between a rock and a hard place right now, don't despair. This is for you, too. I've been there, more than once. I've had crisis upon crisis, and sometimes could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. There were days when my future wasn't clear, and all pathways seemed unsure. I've lost everything and had to start over. Yes, I've been down, but NEVER out. My money has been "funny", as the saying goes. Fortunately, I'm too smart and too tough to be beaten by it. I've learned that just because you're down to nothing, doesn't mean that you are nothing.

Yes, I've experienced a little fear, a lot of frustration, some embarrassment, but when all is said and done, I'm a dazzling doll with a whole lot of things going for myself that can't be bought or sold. It's called SELF-WORTH! You've got it, too, and that's why this blog will be important. I want you to see your self-worth, and I want you to develop your financial worth as well. It doesn't matter where you're starting from.


I'll start posting common and uncommon wisdom and insights from the great minds of those who have made the millions before us. So, if you think you're DESTINED to prosper, get your FOXY self ready, because GREAT things are ahead! YOU ARE ALREADY RICH, we're just unlocking the doors to your WEALTH and GREATNESS!


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Thursday, January 7, 2010


Yep, it's here! Ready or not, the New Year has begun! If you are like most of us, we've spent a great deal of time reflecting on the things we want in the year ahead. Aspirations, dreams, hopes and plans loom large in our thinking, but therein lies an all-important question: do you have an ACTION PLAN to make it happen? Getting results isn't always simple, depending on what your goal is, but most achievers will tell you that YOU MUST take ACTION!

Here are a few thoughts to help kick things into gear:

1. “A” Have an "A+" mindset! ATTITUDE + ACTION = ACQUISITION!

Will you need a positive attitude? Of Course. Will you need to be optimistic? Definitely. Will you need to believe in yourself? Without question. Will you need to do everything in your power to make it happen? Yes, you will, and then some. Will you get there? CERTAINLY! Most people who don't reach their goals have stopped believing they will, and have stopped trying to make it happen.

2. “C” CHOOSE to avoid the negative and CONCENTRATE on the positive!

Here is a simple analogy for you: in your mind's eye you can see two cars. One is a beat-up jalopy. The other is your beautiful, brand new dream car. In this visual, why would it make sense for you to keep your focus on the beat-up jalopy? What would be the reason that you would be drooling over it as your heart's desire? Makes no sense to do that, right? On the other hand, seeing that beautiful new car causes you to smile, feel a few palpitations, huh? Yeah, that's the "feel good" car. That's the one to concentrate on, the one that makes you feel on top on the world! That's the way it works with negative thinking versus positive thinking. You have to remember to adjust your thoughts accordingly.

3. “T” TAKE yourself seriously and you will TAKE yourself to the next level!

O.K. This is simple, too. Make up your mind to get what you deserve to get out of life. It is a serious misconception that certain "good things" only come to certain people. Anything is possible for anyone who is willing to go after it.

4. “I” IDENTIFY the exact directions you want to take!

I took a short road trip a couple of days ago, and did a Mapquest to be sure I would get where I was headed. If I had not done that, chances are I would not have arrived as conveniently or as efficiently as I did. The map had about ten specific instructions that I had to follow to get to my destination, and I followed them closely. Plans and goals often work in the same way. Get directions. Sometimes they may have to be altered because of "road conditions", but if you keep going, even in an alternate "direction", you are likely to arrive at your goal in due time.

5. “O” Make an ONGOING effort to stay ON track!

I kept looking at my Mapquest directions to see if I was still on track, to be sure I had not missed a sign or a turn. As I reviewed it, I began to memorize the directions so that I had them locked in my mind. As I traveled on further, I felt very confident knowing that now I only had to keep looking for the right signs to continue on my trip. I knew where I was going, even though I had not traveled the specific course before. I had an idea locked into my thinking that assured me that I was going in the right direction, stayed on track, and got there.

6. “N” NEVER stop trying! Let NOTHING stop you!

I suppose I could have decided that I was tired of driving, but I wouldn't have gotten to my destination. I could have decided that I had driven far enough, but I wouldn't have gotten where I wanted to go. I could have gotten a flat tire or had some other type of car trouble, and needed to address that. I could have run out of gas, and needed to get help to get refueled. Get the point? There are so many reasons that any of us could fail to arrive at a goal, but all of them are not reasons that should prevent us from getting to it. We have to become better at being willing to "fix" the problem so that we can proceed. If it's fixable, then it's likely that what you want is still do-able. Fix it and keep going!

It's 2010, an opportunity for a new start, a new chart, and a new reason to reach every DESTINATION. This is YOUR year! You're GOING PLACES! Ready? Take some ACTION and MAKE IT HAPPEN!