Wednesday, June 23, 2010


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Monday, June 21, 2010


Customer Service Reps,
Please Allow Me to HELP YOU!

Is it just me, or has really great customer service become a rare commodity?

The other day I was talking with my cell company, the same company that I've had service with for the last eight years. I had a question about the functionality of the phone, because I determined that I probably need the "Blackberry for Dummies" guide. To save time though this time, I preferred to go through the call prompts and get a real life customer service representative to help me.

I explained my issue, because I just didn't "get it", wasn't quite sure how to make the function work. I've had the phone for a year, but I'm still getting used to all the apps. The first thing I LEARNED was that I was not as bright as the representative about the phone, and she let me know it.
I already KNEW THAT. That's why I was calling.

"I hope you don't take this the wrong way," she said, "but you really should not have to call about that. You should have looked at the DVD that came with your phone. You also could have gone online."

"Young lady," I replied, "I called because I wanted someone to EXPLAIN it to me, and GUIDE me through the process, and just an FYI for you, I suggest you don't say things like that to your customers."

She said, "Well, I told you not to take it the wrong way." So, the "wrong way" meant that I shouldn't be asking a simple question with an obvious answer, because I guess she was there to answer deep, complicated stuff.

"I didn't take it the 'wrong way'. I will take a look at the DVD, but since you're on the phone, could you please help me?" Now, I am wondering if I really do want HER to help me, because now her attitude has shown up and she is clearly not wanting to do this.

She snapped out a swift explanation, as I responded to each direction with, "O.K., O.K." Then she said, "Is there anything else?"

I said, "No. That's all. Thank you." End of call, no goodbye, no "have a nice day", just a "I think you're a stupid customer" left lingering in cyberspace. Anyway, I knew the answer now.

Customer Service Representatives of the world, please remember that you're hired to help folks like me for whatever the reason. We, the customers, would like to feel comfortable and confident that it's alright to call you with our silly, dumb, simple questions. DON'T TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY, but it would really be HELPFUL if when you ask "how may I help you?", you really mean it.

On a more positive note, I hope you have a nice day, and I REALLY DO mean it.
I hope that helps.


Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm Just Sayin'

Whitney Houston: It's A Weighty Business

All of the recent media feedback about Whitney Houston has me THINKING, a regular exercise I indulge in regarding matters of importance, or interest.

First, let me say, I am a die-hard Whitney Houston fan. Like many of you, I have watched her over the years, from the most glorious days to the graven condition she found herself in, the fight for a comeback, and the even greater fight to "stay back" in the game. As fans, our emotions are mixed. Speaking for myself, I know that I am glad that the addiction didn't kill her, and I am saddened that she is still struggling so much with, obviously, some additional issues. If that isn't enough, for me to see the media killing her is a bit hard to take, too.

I agree that what we hear is not good. The voice has faded, and maybe she could have made a better decision to not put herself under so much pressure to perform right now. She is ONLY human, and I feel sure that she more than likely feels the embarrassment in ways we don't get to see. I am sure that it is quite painful for her, wanting to do and give her best, but having difficulty producing it. At this point, I feel more compassion than disappointment though. No one plans to fall, and certainly she didn't expect she'd fall so hard in this great attempt to stand tall again. Maybe more rest and less spotlight would be the best remedy for healing and hope of easier days. I sure hope so.

With all that being said, what stimulated my thoughts today is the issue of her weight gain. Stories say she is about 175 pounds now, and I am still scratching my head wondering why that is such a horrible thing. She still looks like a Diva to me. All of this crazy evaluation of celebrities and high profile individuals who gain weight baffles me, as if they are supposed to have some supernatural resistance to food. I understand that they have their "public" to please, and they often start out with these supposedly marvelous images of good health and weight sustain-ability, but if you eat regularly at all, you know that so many of us are only a few weak meals away from tighter, hard-to-pull-up jeans. You know what I mean, the same jeans that fit pretty well just a few "weaks" ago, are hard to pull up now.

So what if some of the celebs gain some, or a lot of weight: let's not send them to a special jail for it. If it's an issue TO THEM, health, self-esteem or whatever, that's one thing. If it's an issue TO US because WE THINK they should be slimmer to PLEASE US, well, let's wake up to the reality that stuff changes, especially stuff like our weight.
Is it bad, or is it just an unrealistic paradigm for us? I am not encouraging bad health, being overweight or obesity, but it's definitely O.K. to not be super-thin and still be loved.

Anyway, while Whitney struggles to sing, and with other battles she faces, I know all of us can agree that life is a weighty business in more ways than one. Whether its POUNDS or PROBLEMS, the "scale" can surprise you on any given day. In this regard, however, because I am such a dedicated fan, I think that today I will have a double burger, fries, and something sweet, goo-ey and high in calories to show my support...I'm just sayin', here's to you, Whitney. Hang in there.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Monday, June 7, 2010



Are many of the things you SAID you would have DONE by now still lingering in your imagination? Does doubt keep telling you "it's EASIER said than DONE"?

Doubting YOURSELF can deter your DREAMS, alter your direction, distract you from your goals, and possibly DESTROY your self-esteem. Feelings of inadequacies often develop the farther we get away from our heart's desires.
We risk falling into the trap of not believing in ourselves at all, all because doubt shadows our own trust and faith.

Doubt is often disguised as, "I would have if...", or "I could have if...", IF...IF...IF. We find reasons, and make excuses for our hesitancy. We validate our thoughts about why we stand off and stand back and let life pass us by. There is always "too much else going on" or "in the way." The truth is that sometimes deep down we don't believe we're worthy of success, or that we can really achieve it. Some of us may have a fear of failing, so we just leave our goals on the floor of our imagination.

Although it isn't always so easy to conquer doubt, the sooner we make a decision to DO something, the sooner we're on our way to actually DOING IT. Turning doubt into DETERMINATION begins with a decision-making step FORWARD, a decision that says "YES, I AM GOING TO DO THIS". You'll get excited once you make up your mind. Excitement and enthusiasm will FUEL the FLAME from there. That BURNING DESIRE will DRIVE YOU, and make things happen in a way you never imagined before.

1. STOP WISHING. "Wishing" is that fairy tale stage of wanting a goal to come to fruition. The fantasy feels good, but that's as good as it gets. Whatever it is that you "WISH" to do, be BOLD and turn it into a "WANT", and WANT IT bad enough to DO SOMETHING right NOW.

2. STOP WONDERING. This is simple, not necessarily as a matter of PROCESS, but definitely in PROBABILITY: BELIEVE THAT WHAT YOU WANT IS POSSIBLE and, YES, YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN.

3. STOP WAITING. If you are waiting for a precise set of "GO" lights, the indications to proceed may not appear so obviously. Start MOVING in the direction of what is it you want, WATCH and SEE what unfolds as you GO. When it seems that you are at a "STOP" light, LOOK AROUND and determine which direction you need to go in next. Whatever you do, KEEP DRIVING until you get there.

Let's swear off being "
WISHY-WASHY" NOW! DECLARE that there will be NO MORE going back and forth within your THINKING about whether you "should-a, could-a or would-a". Let's get our MIND MADE UP to SET THAT GOAL today!

When it comes to combating doubt and getting what you want, it's "DONE" EASIER THAN "SAID"! I know you can do it, NO DOUBT about it!