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Yesterday I heard the news about Ted Williams' incredible turn of events. Word of "the man with the golden voice" traveled around the world faster than most news does. Like the majority of folks, I was in awe, but not the kind that at first response was elation for this man who I know in my heart is deserving of another chance. My brows furrowed and my head filled with questions: He used to do what? He was where? He is on national TV? He has had millions of hits on YouTube? My first thought was that the employment search strategy has taken a pretty interesting and incredible turn, too. I think Mr. Williams has just shown the world that "the new resume" is sweet, short and simple. Folks, take notice.

When I watched him this morning talking about his ups and downs, by the time he was finishing up the interview, I was so choked up that I could barely speak. Even so, I have to admit that my mind kept revisiting the thought that there obviously must be something going on out there in the world of job hunting that is much more effective and provocative than a "conventional little old resume". I say this tongue-in-cheek, but you know what I mean. People try to create and pay good money to prepare the kind of resume information that will "glow in the dark", one with terrific information, showcasing sterling talent and boasting of wonderful, credible personal and professional references. I know. I've had my feelers out for quite some time trying to land myself in the spotlight with a grand step into television, believing that I had something special to give to the lives of viewers and listeners all over the world. Gee Whiz. Ted Williams let me know that I've been doing it all wrong.

Trust me, I am truly considering now "the new resume", the kind that really gets the attention I deserve. No more great cover letters. No more talent resumes. No more sending out my talent DVD. I clearly see that I need a BIG SIGN, a really, really, really big sign stating my lofty goals and a major street corner to stand on.
Don't get me wrong, I'm feeling the joy for Ted Williams. I'd like to see every homeless person off the street, and many would be if they were given an opportunity and a jump-start. The great message in all of this is that people are out there who can help, and they do when they pay attention and they realize it. I believe that's what his story is supposed to tell us.

Ted's story is the kind that is meant to inspire all of us, especially to give hope to every individual who thoug
ht that there was little possibility of a good life ahead. His story is supposed to jolt the thinking of anyone who has given up. His story is supposed to show us what mustard seed faith looks like. His story is supposed to tell us to work with what you've got, a black magic marker and a piece of cardboard box if that's all it is. He told his story. It was sweet, short and simple, and he held it up for the world to see.

So, right now I'm working on my new resume and it needs to be done right. I'm trying to decide if I should use the standard brown cardboard box, or a white one. I am wondering if I should write on the smooth side, or if the corrugated side would add more flair. I have all these magic marker colors to choose from, too, and that's just making this such a complicated decision. I've heard that blue is a very effective color for stuff like this, but then again, Ted used black so I will probably go with that. I am also thinking that maybe cursive would be better than just printing my letters. I think my new resume should be something a little more "girly" looking. Of course, I am considering if my font size should be just large or REALLY LARGE. I think I'll go with REALLY, REALLY LARGE. After all, I want the world to see it, and thanks to Ted Williams, I know how to get this done the right way now.

Ted, yo
u've gotten a very special message across in more ways than one and I'm taking notice. I wish you much continued success because, yes, you really do deserve it. You are truly more than just the man with the golden voice, you are the man of the hour. Go, man!

Oh...I forgot to mention that I have my corner picked out, too. I just gotta finish my sign first. I'm just sayin'


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  1. This is right on point,...thangs' done changed for real,! Thanks for sharing,...all the best,

    Larry Eaglin