Monday, September 2, 2013

Is Your Life More Labor Than Love?

Is life feeling mundane and like a drag? Are you feeling pooped and overwhelmed? Are you wanting the world to stop so you can get off?

Take a breather. Take a break. Take it all in!
It's true that our day-to-day stuff can get very challenging, but there are simple ways that we can take ourselves from under the undue pressure of it all. Sometimes we just need a breather. Sometimes we just need a break. Sometimes we just need to take a backseat and let somebody else do the driving for the day.  I've been there, and I hear you saying, "yes, yes, yes", too! 

So do it! Take a breather, a break, a backseat. It doesn't have to be hard. Here are a few things you can do:

1. If you love it, do it. 
You are most inspired when you are doing things that you love and enjoy, things that fill your heart with meaning and purpose. Spend some time giving insightful thought to what those things are, and spend more time doing them, even if it isn't for profit. It's the "doing" that gives you a sense of fulfillment when you're engaged in those things you truly love.

2. Challenge your habits. 
 When we live so routinely,  as so many of us do, we can get trapped into believing that "this is all there is".  Well, it's just not so. Deliberately, do something different. If Saturday is laundry day, put it off until later and do something more fun with friends or family. The laundry can wait. The fun is worth it.

3. Spend some time alone. 
Take a day off from "normal life". Take off on a one-day excursion by yourself. No family, friends or associates on this trip. Perhaps, you could visit a town nearby. Make it a point to make conversation with new people you encounter. See new things. Sit in the park or on the water, and just watch the scenery. Whatever you do, don't grumble. Don't complain. Don't worry about things. Take in the moments, and appreciate the break from the norm. You will feel a great sense of refreshment, and a bit of that extra energy that you needed.

Yes, we must take care of ourselves purposely and lovingly. As often as you can, escape from the norm and do the things that fulfill your heart. Take a real "break-away". Enjoy the people who are most important. Refresh yourself, by yourself. Plan some quality time away from it all. You will fall in love with your life all over again, and again! 
~ S.R.F.

Silver Rae Fox is a personal and professional development expert and coach, author, and the radio host of FOXOLOGY TODAY on Blog Talk Radio. If you would like to have Silver scheduled to speak or participate in your next in-person, television or radio event, email your request to, or contact the Pastorini-Bosby Talent Agency at 713-266-4488.

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