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Want to be Sucessful?

FOXOLOGY TODAY interview with Jean MacDonald! Listen Now!

Jean MacDonald says Get Up, Get Dressed, Get Out the Door and Get Connected!

Jean MacDonald is a force. When it comes to setting goals and reaching them, she let's nothing stand in her way.   

Jean MacDonald
In my recent  interview with her on FOXOLOGY TODAY, Jean talked about strategies for reaching goals and what it takes to be successful. Of course, you have to have a plan, she says. Then, Jean also recommends these "must do" actions that can help you excel:

1. Look for opportunity. Don't wait for doors to fly open. Know what you want to do and get going after it. 

2. Build relationships. Get connected to the right people who can help, and create mutually engaging and strategic partnerships. Cultivate those associates and find ways to help each other. 

3. Listen. Watch others who are doing what you want to do. See how it's being done. Listen to their advice. 

4. Grow your communication skills. Participate in activities and groups that increase your ability to communicate, such as Toastmasters. The better you can communicate, the better you are at relating to people, clientele and customers. Great communication skills enhance your ability to negotiate, as well as your ability to increase sales and strengthen ties.

5. Get connected. Find someone great who has your best interest at heart, who is willing to mentor you and help you with building partnerships. And, remember that the "fortune is in the follow-up". Stay in touch with business associates, your customers and clientele list on a regular basis. 

6. Ignore the naysayers and never compromise. Everyone won't want to support you, and they will make that obvious. Don't be stymied by those negative mindsets. Stay on top of your game, and don't sell yourself short. 

7. Get your mind off the present situation when necessary. When you feel overwhelmed, and you will, give yourself permission to "escape" the demands of business and work life for a while. Take the time you need to relax and re-group. 

8. Have a daily "road map".  Live with a to-do list. Jot down what needs to happen, and make it happen. 

9. When things aren't going "right", focus on what you have done well. There will be times when you get discouraged, or even seem to fail. These are the times to focus and re-focus. These are the times to evaluate and re-evaluate. These are the times to re-visit, re-think and perhaps, re-define your direction, plan and purpose. Particularly, remind yourself of your accomplishments and achievements, and how capable you are of pressing forward.

10. This is your game. This is your journey. Your path. Your pursuit. Your life. Be you, and be your best at it. Do everything you can succeed, and do it well. It will show.

Jean MacDonald began in the insurance industry, where she went from making coffee to making millions in her own insurance business by age 35. After eventually selling that company in 1998, her aspirations took her to soaring heights with the Mary Kay Cosmetics company.

Not one to stop short of reaching any of her goals, Jean's successful endeavors continue as she reaches another pinnacle on her journey as the popular and noted author of  "Get Up, Get Dressed and Get Out The Door".

Jean MacDonald is also a member of Toastmaster's International and holds the honor and recognition of "Distinguished Toastmaster", a designation held by less than 2% of Toastmasters worldwide.

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