Thursday, February 13, 2014



Everyday issues can cause PANIC. Work, family, finances, miscellaneous problems, and a myriad of other stuff and things. If we are not careful, the emotion will take us off in a direction that causes us to handle none of these situations or circumstances well. So, what should we do when it seems like the panic button is always stuck?

There isn't always an easy answer or solution to that question, but one thing for sure works: KEEP YOUR FOCUS. Try to keep your mind on what's at hand and what the solution is or could possibly be. Think it over. Whether it's something that can be reckoned with immediately or even if it will require long-term dedication to fixing it, we manage ourselves and the things we are concerned about with a keener ability if we don't lose sight of what can be done to offer a remedy for it. The more we attempt to stay focused and in control, the better the results will be and the chances of having a successful outcome increases.

Choose POISE over panic. Choose to FOCUS your energy where it can benefit you. Choose to use YOUR POWER to make a different decision that will take you in a POSITIVE direction. Turn that PANIC BUTTON to the "OFF" position. I feel pretty certain that you will be glad you did.

They don't call me "THE FOX" for nothing. ~ S.R.F.  

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