Friday, February 21, 2014


Follow Your Heart: It's Not Too Late

Over the years I've met so many people who have expressed discontentment and displeasure with life. Some feel that they haven't advanced well in their career, while others feel that they chose the wrong path altogether. A great majority feel stifled and unfulfilled in relationships, marriage and family life. Surprisingly, even in mid-to-late life, there is still a sense of feeling lost and without purpose for many. Amid the feelings of having missed opportunities, having lost ground, and wallowing in missteps, I've even heard these words, "I should have followed my heart". Perhaps, that's true. 

Truth be told, many of us can say that our heart told us something that we should have done, but we ignored it for various reasons. It may have been fear of the unknown. It could have been lack of faith. It could have been a lack of self-confidence or belief in yourself. It may have been that life happened and seemed to get in its own way. However, rather than reflecting on what we think didn't happen, let's RETHINK the possibilities. Every door doesn't close. Every pathway doesn't end. Your dream may not have an expiration date. It may not be too late. 

Maybe all you need is a jolt of insight and an injection of motivation. Here are a couple of tips that could CHARGE UP your thinking:

1. DISCONTENTMENT and DISPLEASURE are easily overcome when you choose to do something that you find happiness and pleasure in. We may be thinking that life overall really sucks, but it may or may not be the big picture that is the problem. Sometimes if we pick up on a lost dream or back burner idea and start working on it, we get revved up and re-energized in the same way as if we had done it long ago. You don't have to remind yourself that you should have done it "back then". That doesn't matter. You can do it now.

2. Feeling STIFLED and without PURPOSE can be handled with the greatest of ease, too. What was it that you had wanted to do? What was it that lit a fire in you? What was it that made you feel like you would climb a mountain to reach it, or tear down walls to get at it? Try getting that VISION back again. See it with your mind's eye and allow your heart to throb for it. Let it come to life all over again. Let those feelings CONQUER any stifling thoughts and beliefs. Let that sense of  PURPOSE resonate over your entire being, then get at the business of what you know you are meant to do.

You know you want it. It's not too late. You can still do it. You can still get there. You can still have the dream. Break the mental barriers that hold you back. Go where your heart is calling.

They don't call me "THE FOX" for nothing. ~ S.R.F.  

Silver Rae Fox is a writer and author, speaker, and host of "FOXOLOGY TODAY" on Blog Talk Radio. For speaking engagements and interviews, or additional information, email:

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