Friday, February 28, 2014


 Need To Relax? Let Me Spell It Out For You

The world is busy. Life is busy. Chances are, you are busy. It can be difficult finding the time needed to relax, but relax we must. We think better when we take the time to relieve ourselves of some of the mental exhaustion. We work better when we find ways to mentally and physically engage in means and methods to be cooler and calmer.

We are better people when we can enjoy a calmer environment inside our heads, and out in the world. There are ways that we can begin to do that, too. Since we already know things are going to be busy, wouldn't it make sense to get busy about the business of relaxing? Ask yourself, is it time you really learned to relax? I can hear you saying "a quiet vacation would be the answer". Well, in the meantime, I'd like to spell out a few suggestions for taking a quiet cruise right where you sit, right now. Try this:

R -  Take some moments to RENEW. Take a deep breath. FLUSH and REFRESH your thinking regularly. It will take practice to do this, but this practice makes for perfect peace. Take a fifteen minute time-out a couple of times a day. Take a short walk or drive. Hide in the closet if you have to, but do it.

E -   EXERCISE mental peace and quietness. Be still for a while. When I need to, I sometimes take the time to look out into the sky from a window. There is usually an amazing calmness in the scenery itself. If your concentrate on the beauty of it, the expanse of it and the profundity of it, trivial things seem to fade.

L -   LESSEN the stress. Make time to let stuff go. Make a list of the unwanted and unnecessary activity in your head and your life, and just LET IT GO. There is no better way to put it. Stop thinking about it. Stop doing it if it's messing with your mental comfort and peace.

A -  Be AWARE of the things that distract from your inner balance. Stay calm and focused. Things are coming at us all the time. Choose your mental battles. Fight for your inner calmness. You know when your stress-odometer is going up, so decide right then and there what you are going to do about it. It works to tell yourself it's no biggie, or it's not that serious, because so much of what stresses us is small stuff. If something is big or serious, try to put it in perspective. After you have done all you can regarding the bigger and more serious issues, it won't help for you to keep stressing over it. Keep your inner balance.

X - Last but not least, "X" OUT NEGATIVITY, NOISE and NONSENSE. Remind yourself that you have no room in your head for it. Sometimes you really do have to simply ignore certain people, certain activities and conditions, and the general stuff that just makes no sense to participate in. If it looks like, walks like and talks like it's negativity, noise or nonsense, stay away from it. Keep your mental and physical energies channeled toward a cool, collective and fully relaxed state of mind. When you minimize and eliminate the negativity, noise and nonsense, your focus changes. It opens the door for mental restoration and peace.

I know you may be thinking that  the sensation and satisfaction of a beautiful sea breeze and hypnotic, calming waters would serve you best. Until you get there, you can take a vacay anytime using these techniques. They certainly will keep your life on "cruise" in the meanwhile. Try it and sail on! 

They don't call me "THE FOX" for nothing. ~ S.R.F. 

Silver Rae Fox is a writer and author, speaker, and host of "FOXOLOGY TODAY" on Blog Talk Radio. For speaking engagements and interviews, or additional information, email:

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