Monday, February 15, 2016

Fight Until You Win

The Power of Endurance

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Ever wonder why life always seem like an uphill fight? It's true, at times it does. However, mastering your reactions to those experiences is key. You've heard it said, "Life is ten percent what happens and ninety percent how we react to it." Well, to stay on top of it and not let it pile on top of you does take some keen skill sets, but you can do it. Here are a few insightful strategies for rising to each and every distressful occasion:

1. Recognize what is happening. Fatigue is normal. Stagnant places are normal. Feeling like giving in or up is normal. Overwhelming frustration can be "normal" depending on the depth of things. But listen, if you prolong these feelings, wallow in them or have a party with them, that's when you have to give yourself a wake-up call, grab the bull by the horn and shake yourself. Get a grip, get control and get to the issue at hand.

2. Analyze the issue. What is the bottom line to the situation? Look at it carefully and make some concrete decisions on how to move on it, even if it's slowly. Do something. Most things don't solve themselves.

3. What are the "fix it" options? Fix it if you can. If it requires outside help, look for it. Look at the solutions. Consider them with soundness and thoughtfulness. Make a decision. Make a plan. Work your plan.

4. Determine what the end should look like. If you imagine overcoming, conquering and winning, what does the end result look like? Are you happier? Are you richer? Are you more financially secure and debt-free? In a new business or career? Married? Single? In a new home? Make it a personal mission to make every decision that will take you in the direction of the successful end that you SEE.

5. Fight until you get there! If you are able to do these first four things, the only thing left to do is emphatically put the mental and physical attention and actions into it. Believe you will get there. Endure the process. There is power in endurance. It's the road to victory! 

~ S.R.F.

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