Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Loving Yourself

Count the Ways that You Can

Begin now. Yes, right now. Start loving yourself immensely. Start loving yourself intensely. Start a campaign today to love you!

How, you ask? Well, I'm glad you asked! I have some answers! I said, some not all, but here are a few suggestions that should get you started with this amazing love affair with yourself:

1. First, LOOK IN THE MIRROR. That beautiful, handsome person is truly special, worthy of attention, time, love and appreciation. You need fun. You need excitement. You need renewal. You need rejuvenation. You need recreation. You need rest and relaxation. You will be in charge of subtracting the ripping and running from your life. You will spearhead the plan to eliminate chaos and drama. You will be in command of the "I can't do everything for everybody" sign-in sheet. In short, you will now put yourself in the "PRIORITIES" time slot on the regular.

2. CONNECT with the people and places that make you feel passionate and purposeful. When you are valued and loved in your places and spaces in life, you feel a deeper sense of joy and satisfaction within. That, my Friend, translates into self-love, and it feels good.

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3. Choose what you love. Decide to have and be what you love. Add to the list as often as necessary. Subtract whatever irritates, agitates and what goes against the grain.  Look at what is in your life that is standing in the way of you loving yourself well. What works? What doesn't? What has to go? Face those questions boldly. Don't be afraid to say "been there, done that. It didn't work." 

Be good to you. Love YOU, and, remember that nobody can love you as good as you can love YOU!

~ S.R.F.

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