Sunday, July 2, 2017

Declare Your Independence!

Are you "handcuffed" to negativity?

Negativity is all around us. We can easily get sucked into things that, in the big picture, do not concern us: other people's business; becoming mentally and emotionally involved in the issues impacting work; allowing ourselves to be tossed to and from by society's concept of anything and everything. Those are just some of the things that bring on loads of negativity, and we can find ourselves imprisoned by all of it.

Free yourself!

As much as it may feel like it's somebody else's fault and responsibility, we are the only one who can cut the cuffs off. It may require disassociation from everything and every person who brings you chaos, drama, negativity and pain. It's pretty incredible how effective that one move is toward freeing yourself! If you block the causes, you will find yourself heading toward new territory: peace, balance and harmony.

Take the limitations off!

If you are locked-in by other people's plans and opinions of you, you can give yourself permission to walk away from that bondage. Set your own goals. Dream your own dreams. Chart your own path. You don't need someone else's approval or okay to do what you want to do. I don't mean that you don't share and discuss what is in your heart with the people who are important and significant in your life. Of course, you should. It's wise to do so. But the bottom line is, that it's your life to live, to enjoy, to rise and fall, to make mistakes and fail, and to make things happen and gain success. You don't need a committee to tell you what you feel you are designed to do, or what you know in your heart is your destiny. 

There may be times when even those close to you don't get it, and won't provide the encouragement you hope for. Don't let that stop you or limit you. Your only limitations are the ones you place on yourself, and you can take those limitations off. It can be a unanimous decision: a committee of one, you, making the most important vote to be free, TO BE FREE. Do it, and declare your independence! ~ S.R.F.

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