Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Is There Purpose In Your Pain?

Life can have some incredible challenges. Some surprise us. Some Overwhelm us. Some knock us off our feet. Some are so deeply painful that they immobilize us. As we seek answers that come to our minds and hearts during these turbulent times, we tend to ask ourselves another important question: Is there purpose in our pain?

When we experience physical pain, we know it's an indicator that there is "trouble" in our body. Whether it's a scrape or a serious invasion of some kind to our health, we know that the pain is letting us know that something needs attention, help and healing. It's the same with our mental and emotional pain: something is wrong, and it needs attention, help and healing.

That being said, we can often get treatment and medication for our physical struggles. However, it's very different when the pain is mental and or emotional. Heartaches, heartbreaks, disappointments and grief carry their own kind of healing time and methods, and it is different for all of us.

You will get through it. ~ S.R.F.
People who hope to help us will say, "You'll get over it." Some things we may never "get over" because of the intensity and the longevity of the pain. The encouragement that I offer is, you will get through it. As time goes on, the pain lessens and the ability to move forward gets easier and easier. YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT, if you just hang in there. It could possibly take a long time, but take the time, as much as you need. Fight the thoughts and feelings of isolation that want to overtake you, but know when your private and alone time is crucial for healing, too. It is necessary. Go out into the world when you feel strong enough, even if it's only a little bit more strength that you feel each time. Don't compare your healing journey to anyone else's. Each situation is different, and so are you. Do what works for you to eventually get you back to an emotionally healed and healthy place. That's the priority.

Is there purpose in your pain? From a very practical standpoint, the things we go through and grow through teach us that we can get through just about anything. And, for those who are on the journey with us, and those who are just watching, it's showing them that when the tough times come, they can get through them, too. A purpose may not be apparent, but your conviction to survive is. ~ S.R.F.

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