Saturday, April 6, 2019


Remember, sometimes all it takes is a plan.

Hurry Up?

We live in an environment that is constantly compelling us to have things our way. And, not just that. Everything we want and need better hurry up and happen, and not later, right away. Trouble is, that is just not the way everything in life works. In many cases, and I'd say in most, we have become a society that is sorely lacking in what it really takes to do life and business. We want to hop, skip and jump past the places that get us where we want to go without going through the logical and sensible channels. It sounds crazy. That's because it is.

There are no "Right Now!" buttons.

We learn this quickly: There are no buttons to press that give us immediate access to all we demand. There are no hotlines to quick and easy solutions for many of our issues. We can't command things to be a certain way and expect that things will happen just because we say so. There are processes. There are procedures. There are strategies. There is also a "natural order" that is operating in many circumstances that regardless of how much we insist, scream and holler, command and demand, we cannot override them with a snap of our fingers, or any other way for that matter.

Intelligence vs. Instantaneous

Natural order means that there is an "order" to how something happens. For instance, tomorrow can't come before today. You can't be 25 before you're 24, and so on. You can't drive forward and backwards at the same time. You can't literally be in two places at once. These are just a few examples of things that can confuse us when we need and want something. We think we can "think" a thing to be so, just because we think so. Yeah, you read that right. The thinking part is right, we need to think. However, to believe that just because we think it, it can happen without logic, time and effort, is a fantastic error on our part. We falter and fail because of it.

If you're told that your package will arrive tomorrow, but you needed it today, you are not going to have it until tomorrow. If you expect an inheritance at age 25, but you're only 24 and want it, it's likely you will have to wait until you reach the age that it's due to you. Ever tried to drive backwards and forward at the same time? It can't happen, because you can only do one or the other. And, if you happen to try to be in two places at the same time, already know you can't. You will have to figure out how to be in one place and then the other somehow. 

By now you may be saying "I'm not stupid, I know that." Okay, then I'm talking to somebody else and not you. There are a lot of people out here thinking stupid stuff. I'm talking to them. Many of us are truly guilty of thinking stupid, and doing stupid. Yep, me too. Been there, done that. Unfortunately, got some receipts for those silly experiences, too. We live and we learn, right? 

There is no magic.

What's the point? We stress ourselves immensely by putting unrealistic expectations on ourselves all the time, as if we really do possess some kind of Houdini skills and can magically make things happen. We rack our brains. We exert unnecessary emotional and physical energies. We even make ourselves sick trying to outdo what can't be over-ridden. 

What we will find out is that when we count on logic and intelligence to guide us, we will consider more often than not the natural order of things and how that will help us get what we want and need more often. Even though it may not happen so quickly, we'll certainly experience much less stress and craziness along the way. At least, we should. ~ S.R.F.

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