Thursday, May 2, 2019


"A stitch in time saves nine."
Ever heard someone say "a stitch in time saves nine"? It's an age-old phrase with a powerful message, and this is it: When something happens that needs immediate attention, time, effort or fixing, don't put it off until later or you'll risk having an even bigger problem or situation to deal with. In other words, stitch things up now or you may have a lot more torn places to stitch up later.

We've all experienced what can happen when we neglect a problem or procrastinate getting to a resolve. We find ourselves sweating, fretting and regretting that we didn't handle things sooner and more efficiently. The "stitch in time" theory may not work in every case, but to use it as a standard work and life ethic is surely a good thing.

Think for a moment about something you didn't address in a timely fashion, something that you know you really should have taken care of when you first faced it. I've been there, and sometimes even hoping that maybe it would just go away. It didn't. 

Those lessons taught me that I should be ready to take the bull by the horn when things arise that need immediate attention. They taught me to be in "attack" mode when I needed to respond quickly and aggressively, before things got really out of hand. Those lessons taught me that if I stay on top of the things that require time and effort, I won't find myself under the stress and pressure of them later. Honestly, I hated learning all of it the hard way, but experience is truly an extraordinary teacher. I'm better for it. You will be, too. 

It's a given, things are going to happen. Our response to those things is everything. In short, here's the deal:

1. Get on top of it before it gets on top of you.

2. It's not likely to disappear on its own. Make it disappear.

3. Don't allow "later" to be an option. "Do it now" is not a new concept. Handle it now if at all possible.

If while reading this article several things came to mind, don't get overwhelmed. Get determined. Tackle those issues. Save yourself from the frustration that could snowball later. Whatever is in your power to do, do it. ~ S.R.F.

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