Saturday, April 3, 2021

Getting Over the "Humps" in Life


Life has many uphill climbs. We all have them. Some of them are easier than others, but some are truly very hard to get up and over. What do we do then, when scaling looks difficult and we fear we'll fail?

1.    Our mindset must come into full play under those circumstances. We know some things will be hard, that's a given. However, we can't strip ourselves of victory by not even trying. Things will be hard either way, if you do it or if you don't. The defining factor here is that going up and over will give you certain victory. Staying at the bottom of the hill, hump or difficulty, will leave you in a place of disappointment, discouragement and defeat. Instead, make up your mind to get up on your feet and start your trek even if you can't tell yet how you are going to do it. This is how you start: Put one foot in front of the other, one step at a time.

2.    Don't say to yourself  "what's the use?" If that kind of thinking is happening, it may be because you just haven't yet fully developed your climbing skills. Maybe you have tried to get over humps before and slid right back down to the bottom too many times. Listen, don't give up, because your next try may be your best try. Sliding back down to "bottom" is not unusual, it happens often, just don't stay there. It's not where you belong. Be determined enough to see what the other side of your difficulties has to offer. It is probably much better than you could have imagined. What's the use, you ask? You'll see that your climb was well worth it. You'll see the benefits. You'll see the rewards.

3.     Get yourself ready, rise and climb! Battle against the thoughts that say you can't make it. You can. Don't waste another minute wondering about that. Don't waste another second giving in to self-defeat. Until you are where you want to be, keep trying to get over those humps in life. If you fall down, dust yourself off and keep going. The only way to keep going is to keep going. The only way to get there is to get there. You can do it. Keep going until you get there. ~ S.R.F.

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