Saturday, November 6, 2021


In pressing times like we've experienced recently, it could be a challenge to feel thankful. However, like so many who may be out of breath trying to keep up with life, we tend to lean heavily on spiritual help and resources to help us. When we do, our thinking shifts and we appreciate things that really matter, and usually it's not "things". 

Since we celebrate Thanksgiving this month, how about focusing on a "THANKS for GIVING"prayer for some important non-tangibles for a few minutes? It may help you appreciate the simple fact that you're living and breathing:

1. Thanks for giving me the strength to deal with the conditions and circumstances we are all in. It's not the easiest thing to do, but we press on as we continue to believe in the better days to come.

2. Thanks for giving me the ability to see through the eyes of faith. When we don't see and experience what we would like to see, and we are unable to make a situation better, relying on our faith is the best course of action. Faith tells us we can get through most anything, and we do when we believe it.

3. Thanks for giving me the wisdom to not give priority to my frustration and anger about the things I cannot control. Instead, help me to trust that there is a process that will ultimately get me past the challenges and difficulties to a stable and comfortable place in life. 

There is power in gratitude. Lift your head. Lift your thinking. Lift your heart. Be grateful for things that are not things. Yes, be thankful for that. Gratitude will lift your life. ~ S.R.F.


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