Friday, December 10, 2021


Christmas is likely the most celebrated Holiday of the year, and with it comes an atmosphere of joy and hope. Happy feelings are at an all-time high and lovely get-togethers are, too. Usually, that is.

This year, not much unlike last year, we continue to hope that the pandemic drama is nearing and end. We hope that masks will come off, that loss of life will cease and that we will again have some sense of stability in our society and in our own little worlds. Yes, that is what many of us are hoping for.

Will it happen? Of course, it will. Time has proven that we can get through the worst of challenges and somehow find some sort of normalcy to life later on. On the other side of the challenge we see that we have changed, but often that change has enhanced how we do things for the better. Importantly, we realize that it was hope that brought us to that place.

So, in the midst of this beautiful season that is now surrounded by fret and fears of COVID19, we must continue to look hopefully toward the future and what having dealt with such an extraordinary time will unfold to us in future revelations and understanding. Will it be filled with emacipation from feelings of doubt and doom to great and overwhelming elation about what it's like to feel free again? Let's hope so. ~ S.R.F.


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