Saturday, May 4, 2024

LOVE YOURSELF: It's a Good Thing

Self-love is an important concept. Don't let anybody fool you about that. You may feel worthless, because some one said you were. You may have been abused. You may feel like a failure because all of your dreams faded. There may be a myriad of reasons that you haven't embraced yourself in your own love. 

I have some encouragement and suggestions on how you can. It's a step-by-step awareness of your own value. It's a process of unlearning the negative messages you have come to accept, from yourself and others around you. You are worthy of all you hope to become. You deserve it. You can be it.

Don't expect a parade when you get there. This element and powerful growth journey is about you celebrating you. It's about praising yourself. It's about you giving yourself the pats on the back that you want. It's about you giving yourself high-fives. It's about you showing you that you love you. 

You won't always get accolades and support from people around you, and that's okay. I'll say it again: Self-love is about YOU. If you spend your life trying to get the applause of people around you, you will be tired from the start. If others do celebrate you, that's great. But, if they don't, it doesn't necessarily mean you aren't doing your own thing well. You have to know for yourself what your goals are and why. You can listen to insights from others that are helpful an encouraging, but in most cases you can be your own jury and judge about how you assess who, what and where you are in life, and on life's journey. Be fair and easy on yourself when you do it. Beating yourself up is no way to show yourself that you love you. 

Approval from others is good when it is authentic, loving and sincere. However, to base your love for yourself always on the acceptance, validation and approval from others will not be the pathway to self-love success. Self-love is a growth journey, and I believe it's one that you will love.

Start now. It will be a giant step for some of you, I know. What you achieve in the process is so rewarding that you will never again look back at the person or the place you stepped away from, the YOU who now says to yourself "I'm going to give me all the love I need to be the best person I can be." 

I certainly agree with you!  ~ S.R.F.

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