Sunday, June 2, 2024

There Is No Ten Count In Life: STAY IN THE RING

Life can be a fight. Things happen that can literally knock the breath out of you. 

Unexpected change. Unanticipated turns in the road. Unhappy occurrences, just to name a few tough issues we face and challenges that meet us on any day. Plain and simple, awful things can happen, and they do.

What do we do? Well, as hard as it is, there are choices that can be made. While we may not always have immediate or even long-term answers and solutions, and important vehicle to our wisdom and understanding, patience and endurance, is that we have to fight our desire to give up. 

Circumstances can push against the ropes. One life-punch after another can have us feeling so dazed that we lose good judgement about our next move. Gut punches in life catch us off-guard, and when they do, we think we may never be able to swing back.

And, then, there are those things that hit us so hard that we fall flat out, seemingly unable to recover and get back on our feet again. We are down, we are knocked out. Our will to win seems to have depleted.

Maybe not. I've learned that there is no ten count in life. I've learned that we can get back up, even if the count is up to a thousand. Yes, things happen that make you feel like getting up and back into life is impossible. It feels impossible, but in so many situations, it's not. Making the choice and decision to stay in the ring isn't always easy, but we can get and take opportunity after opportunity to keep going and keep trying. It's often our choice alone.

You've heard the saying "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." Many comeback stories have a history of trying again and again, and again. Whether it's one of having enough faith to continue, or enough fortitude to push forward, they got back into the fight, and you can too. 

I encourage you to fight. I encourage you muster up the fortitude to say you're going to get up and keep swinging back at life. I encourage you to keep your faith in optimal fighting condition.

There is no ten count in life, so don't count yourself out. ~ S.R.F.

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