Thursday, April 30, 2009


"Gettin' Wiggy With It!"

Yeah...that's me, gettin' wiggy with it! Wigs are like any other accessory, a lovely addition to the shoes, jewelry and clothing investments we make that create the way we want to look. A wig can definitely add chic to your style. It's the fastest way to fix a bad hair day.Or if you just want to change up your look, it pays to invest in one or two, or three!

I own several ranging from short, sassy and silvery, to thick and curly raven-red! One thing is for sure, it's the no-muss, no fuss, one-minute answer to getting out the door with time to spare!

Before you rush out to get a little "wiggy," here are a few things to remember when choosing your new coif:

1. Try on many! You'll want to find something that compliments your face shape, and that looks really natural. It may get frustrating, but try until you get the RIGHT look.

2. Your wig should fit snug, and meet your natural hairline. Some wigs tend to sit too high or too far back from your forehead. Remember, it is supposed to look like it's your own hair-do.

3. You don't need to spend a lot. Many great looking wigs, natural hair or synthetic, are very inexpensive.

4. Care for you wig like your own hair. Wash it, condition it, clip it. You can even have a professional do it for you.

5. Men: the same applies to you. Keep it natural looking. And, keep in mind that your hair loss and receding hairlines are not as big of a deal to women as you may think. (It really isn't your hair that's most important to us. Bald is really O.K., popular and sexy).

Enjoy the search! Whether you're trying to remedy a bad hair day, or just excited to show-off a new look every now and then, wigs are really a fast, fun and fashionable way to add that extra pizazz!


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