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Monday, July 13, 2009


Seriously...have you been listening?

Do you know what separates the "BIG DOGS" that sniff out every opportunity from the meek-hearted little "PUPS" that stay on the porch, sleeping and letting life slip by? Well, you need to know!

BIG DOGS are alert and listening. They run after opportunity. They hear the call to rise. They love the sweet smell of success!

You need to join the pack of listeners who have their nose on the path and their ears peeled back for info! If you missed the "BUT" kick-off and "PLUG INTO YOUR POWER," just go to our show page and click on "previous episodes" to listen!

Don't make excuses! GET OFF THE PORCH! You know you want to run with the big dogs. You know you want more out of life. And, you know you deserve it!

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Video Intro: This Is Where The "But" Kickin' Starts!

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FOXOLOGY: It's "But" Kickin' Time!

You Need Your "BUT" Kicked!

If you've been dragging your "but" for a while, chances are you may be feeling a little uncomfortable. Let's say it together: OUCH!

You daydream. You imagine. You yearn. You long for a certain something, "BUT" you think it's impossible. You think it's too late. You think it's too difficult. You think it's too big. If you feel this way, your "but" is hurting! Your "but" is hurting your progress, your "but" is hurting your chances of success.

Perhaps, it's hurting any chance of you making a decision to look at the possibilities of bringing your dream to fruition. Or, getting in the way of you realizing their is still enough time to do the special things you've put off. Your "but" may be blocking the understanding that you can overcome the difficulty of the climb to success. Your "but" may be in the way of you achieving something, perhaps, extraordinarily big.

Your excuses, however real they may appear, will continue to cause you to procrastinate. Unfortunately, too many people end up taking their desires to be more and do more with them to their graves, never having pursued them. That doesn't have to be you. That big ol' "but" needs to be kicked out of the way!

Here's a few ideas to consider:

Look at life as opportunistic. Chances are that whatever it is you are wanting to do, it really is possible. Someone once said, "there are no more impossible dreams." Whatever it is, you can do it!

Look at life with optimism. Optimism is choosing to take a positive point of view. If your"but" is blocking that point of view, your "but" is too big. Move your big "but" and get a clear vision of what you want to accomplish, then go after it.

Have a "YES I CAN" attitude! Overcoming obstacles is a part of achieving most successes. Don't let them distract, discourage, disappoint you to the point of giving up. They really help to build up your motivational muscle. Keep moving!

Make a commitment to take action. We must make a commitment to ourselves to plan, pursue and follow through until we reach our goals. Remember, no one can see them through but you. Absence of commitment can create patterns of drifting, while committment will multiply your chances of accomplishment.

Have faith in yourself. It is not unusual to have feelings of apprehension, and to be somewhat unsure of yourself. However, you must move confidently, ready to conquer every little whisper of fear or hesitation.

Do not give yourself permission to quit. Quitting is not allowed unless under unusual or catastrophic circumstances. Otherwise, even when things are weighing you down, you're feeling the pressure, the climb up the ladder is getting tougher and tougher, take a breathe-er, however, don't quit.

Taste the success. If you can see yourself skinnier, wealthier, more educated, in a better career or position, achieving more, making a difference or making a name for yourself, hold to that vision. Think about it. Meditate on it. Talk about it. See it, and what it will mean in your future. Make it real in your mind. Our thoughts are the keys to our destiny. See and taste the success in your thinking!

After all, is there any real reason that you can't do what you dream of?  No more excuses, Okay? NO MORE "BUT"S!


IN YOUR BUSINESS Solving Workplace Worries

Much Ado About Nothing

I work next to someone who seems to be doing much of nothing during the day. She talks on the phone a lot and is away from her desk for long periods of time. It bothers me because I have so much to do, and I am always under pressure to get it done. Honestly, I resent it, and that makes things even worse. What should I do?

L.R., Claims Adjuster
Kansas City, Kansas

Dear L.R.:

You could try asking for help with your workload. Maybe start with a light task to test her response. You may find that she is very willing to assist you. She may be as bored as you are resentful.
Since you work so closely together, I am assuming that you work on related tasks. Soliciting help when needed is a part of working together as a team. Ask politely "If you have time, can I get you to help me with this?" Hopefully, her answer will be "Yes."



The Whole Truth and
Nothing But The Truth
Do you really want to know the secret to having great looking, healthy and youthful looking skin? The truth is: faithful, tender loving care.
The Proof
You could pay a million dollars for a promise of wrinkle softeners, and various other product "guarantees," but I tell you a truth: the proof is not in the product alone. It's how conscientious you are in the proper treatment of your skin.

Good skin care produces good-looking skin. Here are a few tips:

  • Treat your skin as gently as you would a baby's bottom. Always be gentle with your skin. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER pull, tug, stretch, pinch or pick at it. NEVER.

  • STOP rubbing your eyes. This causes more lines, wrinkles, bruising and discoloration that you can imagine. The skin around your eyes is ultra-thin and very easily damaged. If your eyes itch or tire, you probably rub them a hundred times a day. Try this: STOP THE RUBBING for five days. You will be amazed at the healing, the clearer color, and the disappearance of the discoloration around your eyes. In many cases, those "bags" are bruises and swelling from all that rubbing!

  • Invest in skin care products (inexpensive products are fine) and use them faithfully. Wash gently, rinse extremely well, tone and moisturize, twice a day at least. The regimen is the same for men and women.
  • MEN ONLY: After shaving, apply witch hazel, and moisturize LIGHTLY with natural aloe vera before you apply your aftershave or cologne. You will enjoy the results of better looking and better feeling skin in the long term.
  • If you have discoloration or spotty areas on your face, use a little hydrogen peroxide on a cotton pad and wipe those areas at least once daily.
  • Once or twice a week, prick open a vitamin E capsule, spread the oil onto your face. Apply a warm cloth to your face about three or four times, for about a minute. Then, wipe off the excess. This stimulates your skin, opens your pores, adds moisture and the natural properties of vitamin E into your skin.
  • Treat yourself to an expert if necessary, but remember, for the best care in the long run, it's in your own hands. That's the truth.
S.R. F.



Are you lonely? Yearning for some company, companionship, some stimulating connections? Really...?

Well, here's some news: there are too many things to do, and too many people to know to allow yourself to feel that way! Loneliness is a feeling, but if you let it become a way of life, one of these ol' mornings you are going to wake up with your better days having passed you by. It's true.

You should wake up, alright. Wake up now, rather than later, and smell the possibilities. Don't join the Lonely Hearts Club just yet. It has way too many members already. Cancel any thought of joining.

Try making an agreement with yourself to not listen to another "living all alone" sad song. Stop having pity parties. It may be time for you to swing to the beat of a different dance, to sing the words of a new song, to seek out some entertainment outside the "walls" you have put around your life.

Feelings of loneliness hurt. The loneliness seems so real. So, before you start reaching out, reach within first, and start working on that lonely heart condition in ways that you and only you can help yourself; in ways that only you can aid in healing yourself; in ways that you and only you can love yourself. Look in the mirror. You're special, and worthy of all of the self-love and self-esteem in the world. Say these words aloud: "I love myself. I love myself. I love myself!" That wasn't so hard, was it?

Now is a good time for you to meet the challenge of love vs. lonely: you against yourself, the positive choices against the negative introspection. The loneliness can overtake you only if you let it. It can overtake you only if you don't fight it.

The condition won't disappear until you try to beat it. Strategies for whipping loneliness are simple: Getting up, getting your mind made up, getting going and getting involved. Get it? Good.