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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Give Life Your Best Shot

Are you trying to give life your best shot, but somehow seem to keep missing the target? Does it seem like the harder you try, the harder it gets to live optimally and reach your goals?

Most of us would have to admit that life is sometimes a struggle. Surely most of us would also admit that we would like to get more out of life, but for reasons that we can't always understand, we often meet with trouble, turmoil, challenges and even defeat. We miss our targets.The "good life" is not within eye shot.

If there is any assurance that I can give you today, it is that you can survive and come out a winner. Think back. How many times have you thought you were incapable of getting past a particular difficulty or problem, but somehow you did? Maybe you didn't land exactly where you wanted to after the dust settled, but you survived.

Chances are your are stronger and more determined than you were then, too. So what if you have missed a target or two. That's O.K! Perhaps, things have weighed you down to a point where it seemed that you couldn't get from under the pressure, or the climb up the ladder has gotten tougher and tougher. Or you're sitll in the race, but you're running out of steam. It happens to all of us. Well, it is truly amazing what you can do if you believe you can. Everything happens. If you don't believe you can, those results are pretty amazing, too: nothing happens.

The key thing to do is not to dwell on the problems, but to GRASP onto the possibilities. HOLD on to positive thoughts. TALK about the things you CAN do, and the things that you are going to MAKE HAPPEN. TAKE ACTION in making change. FACE CHALLENGES with a strong will and motivation. Believe that you can do just about anything you try to!

Have the confidence that your faith in yourself CAN stomp out any negativity, any fear and any doubt. KNOW that you CAN be what you want to be. KNOW that you CAN do the things that you have always wanted to do.

The sooner you believe this, your target goals become clearer. You'll take solid hold of new ideas, and your aim will be more focused. The sooner you decide that your life, hopes and dreams are worth shooting for, the sooner you will declare "this time I'll hit the bull's eye!" The sooner you decide that you're going to give life your best shot, you'll aim high, and you won't miss!


Friday, August 14, 2009

Informative, Insightful and Intelligent Talk

Silver Rae Fox showcases a new dimension in daytime talk with savvy, intelligent conversation, a down-to-earth style and real-life approach that makes for great listening.
It's light, motivational, inspiring, educational and entertaining talk on a variety of subjects that will stimulate the interest of even the most discerning listener!
It's a take-it-to-the-next-level approach on today's current events, issues and topics.

FOXOLOGY with Silver Rae Fox airs Wednesdays at 12 Noon CST on the internet's #1 venue for quality talk programming



Hillary, was it a hot flash that caused you to lose your cool?

I had the best laugh watching that clip. That snap had to be the result of a hot flash. It was truly so out of character for Hillary. I'm just sayin'...a hot flash will make you want to slap somebody. They come on suddenly.There is no way out of it. You may exhibit unusual behavior and say strange things. One minute you're happy, smiling and in a "flash", there it is. I'm just sayin'...they can really mess with your attitude. MPW's (menopausal women), can you feel me on this one? Honestly, didn't she have that hot flash look on her face?


Congratulations to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor! I'm just sayin' gotta love it! It's hard to believe that there was a time when women were not even allowed to vote, let alone hold such a prominent political office. We really have come a long way, Baby! Ole'!!!


People are so furious over the health care reform issues...all that rage, screaming and yelling ...I'm just sayin'...some of them won't have to worry about health care because they are going to give themselves a doggone fatal heart attack! For goodness sake, take a chill pill for now and let's see how everything shakes out in the morning.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

FOXOLOGY: Bless Your Brick Walls

Have You Run Into A Brick Wall?

Life happens and sometimes, without fair warning, we run into a brick wall. We fall down. We cry. We let our dreams die. Just recently I smacked right into one. However, this time I wasn't so startled or stymied. This time I was able to walk away from the situation without any serious damage, thinking maybe this "collision" was necessary. Maybe, just maybe, it was for the best.

That kind of wisdom has come with a price. A few months ago, something happened that really helped me to look at brick walls quite differently. Since then, I think that brick walls may not always be a bad thing.

I want to share the sequence of events leading up to my revelation, just in case you've run into a brick wall and you're struggling with the reasons, and wondering why. I know this will help you. Here's my story:

Needless to say, along with all the other November 4th-ers, I was pretty excited on election day when my presidential choice got the overwhelming vote into the highest office in the land. For me, it was cause for celebration for more reasons than one. It was my birthday.
My heart knew that the only other gift to give myself was to get to Washington D.C. for the inauguration, so I started planning. Most hotels in the D.C. area were already booked, so I ended up with reservations in a wonderful but distant hotel location in Baltimore, 45 minutes from the Capitol. That was not a problem for me since I'm sort of a "road dog", and I love long, scenic drives, especially in areas that I haven't traveled before.

I knew the airports would be chaotic during that time, so I decided to take to the road and make the 800-mile trek across the country from the Midwest to D.C. No problem. I've driven thousands of miles up and down the country. I love it.

I invited my 77 year-old God Mother, Lois McKee, to come along as my driving companion for the trip. It meant so much to take her with me to witness the inauguration. I usually travel the roads alone, it's all a part of the "taking it all in" while I'm driving thing. That usually works best for me. When I drive alone I can think, plan and process without interruptions. This was different though. She is very spirited and an absolute delight to be around. I knew that being a part of this historic event meant as much, if not more, to her as it did to me. I also knew she would sleep most of the trip.

We were both anxious and excited as the days got closer. We had planned our trip around events we would be able to attend and really looked forward to all of the hoopla ahead. I had actually gotten a ticket from my Senator's office for the inauguration, which, unfortunately meant absolutely nothing once I got into the press of the crowd that was as equally determined to see this historic happening. It was every man, or woman for themselves.

We left Chicago around eight in the morning on the Sunday before the inauguration, and had a smooth trip, arriving in Baltimore around eight that night. We ordered room service, chatted for a bit and went to bed. Rising early on Monday, we dashed into the D.C. area to attend Rev. Al Sharpton's Prayer Breakfast at the downtown Hyatt. We were running a little late and the program was well underway by the time we arrived, but because Mother and Rev. Al are long-time "buds" we got in and got seated pretty much right away. There were several dignitaries, celebrities and recognizable folks there. So very cool!

Right after that event, I did a casual two-hour "what's going on in D.C." radio update over the phone to report to anxious listeners back home on the extraordinary "feel" in that was in air. While I was on the phone, ABC's David Muir glanced over at me as he was passing by. I smiled and waved an excited "Hey, that's David Muir!" wave. He smiled and waved back. WOW! I'm thinking everybody is here. This was really something! The excitement, pride and awe was so thick, you would have to be dead to not sense the power of it. It was so easy to translate it over the air. It was simply one of the most amazing experiences to be a part of, without a doubt.

While I did the radio show, Mother went on to another event for the afternoon with some friends at the breakfast. We planned to meet up later, but I got really bad directions trying to find the location and got really lost. I literally spent several hours stuck in traffic, which had gotten very crazy and nearly impossible to maneuver through. At one point I was lost in a residential area, and stuck behind this limousine. I'm waiting...waiting...waiting...then Donna Brazile comes out of the house. I rolled down my window to say "hey" to her, introduced myself, and told her how much I had been enjoying her analyst dialogs on TV. She told me that she was actually on her way to do another CNN interview. I told her that I enjoyed meeting her, and she went on her way. I was so glad that I had not honked at her driver.

At this point I feel the day is going pretty well, inspite of the traffic drama. I finally found the location of the event that my Mother had attended. I swooped her up and headed to Howard University for another terrific rally. This one was hosted by CNN's Roland Martin, with more of Mother's "buds", Rev. Jesse Jackson and Dr. Cornell West, who were special guests along with Rev. Al, Donna Brazile, and another saavy female journalist with the Washington Post, whose name I don't recall right now.

Some parts of the forum were broadcast live on CNN, showcasing the many young people who were ecstatic over the ideas and dialog about their new President. I kept looking at Roland thinking " I know that guy from somewhere besides CNN..." Later it occurred to me that I really did know him and his wife, Jacquie. She and I were both at the same church for years. Unfortunately, by the time I had connected the dots on that, it was too late to say "Hey, I know you!" I was well on my way back to Baltimore for the night. It had been a great rally, and a great day, and I knew this was going to be a great trip.

Being so unfamiliar with the area, I did not find my way to the correct highway immediately. It took me about thirty minutes, but I finally saw a sign that promised it would take me to Baltimore. I eased on down the highway, intently watching for the Baltimore exit. When I saw it, I signaled to get into the entry lane, which was to my left. I sighed a sigh of relief knowing that I would be back at the hotel within the hour.

That sense of relief was short-lived. In a split second, a speeding car that was trying to NOT take the exit, attempted to cross over into my lane to his right, directly in front of me as I was crossing into the same lane from my left. To avoid a tragic collision, I swung right.

The oncoming traffic to my right was trying to swerve to avoid colliding with me. I swung left trying to dodge the stream of oncoming vehicles. I lost complete control of the car with that twist of the steering wheel. It was evening, and I all I can remember is the bright white of oncoming headlights as my vehicle spun around twice in the middle of the freeway. Feeling totally helpless, I began to pray out loud, knowing that there was no other way out of this. It was over. My mother chimed in. There we were, both asking earnestly for the only intervention that could possibly save us.

As the car skidded off the road, we were headed head-on into a brick wall, still moving at a high speed. In a flash I turned the steering wheel hard and fast to the left in an attempt to save our lives. Instead of a head-on impact, my car responded to my hard pull and collided with the wall on the rear driver-side. The bang into the wall was fierce sounding and abrupt. I remember watching us in what seemed like slow motion being thrown forward and then back into an upright seated position.

I waited for a few seconds, to see if I was alive. Or hurt. I looked over at Mother after I realized that I was still breathing, and asked her if she was O.K. What a terrible rumble for a 77 year-old! She said yes, and that she felt fine. We were wearing our seat belts, or else I am sure we would have suffered some physical trauma, or worse.

I told her that I was going to get out and check the car. It was smashed, but not nearly as bad as I had thought it would be. I got back in, and started my ignition. It started after a little "gurgle" and I accelerated slowly to see if I would be able to drive away or not. Within seconds, we were back on the road to Baltimore. Amazingly, neither of us was visibly shaken, even though I knew I needed to get somewhere and sit down. We had not eaten since breakfast so we were both ready to get quiet, comfortable and reflect.

When we got to Baltimore, we went to a restaurant across the street from the hotel for dinner, and discussed the incredible event that we had just experienced. We were both very thankful to be sitting there, feeling fine, and uninjured. It was a miracle.

Many times since, I have pondered that accident. As I mentioned earlier, I travel a lot in my truck, miles and miles across the country. I have never had an accident. I thought of all the bridges I've crossed, the mountains I've driven through, the beautiful steep valleys I always enjoyed looking at. I've thought of all of the places that vehicle could have skidded off the road with no brick wall to stop it. I thought of how, on that particular day, that brick wall was there, and that brick wall was a blessing.

I've thought about all the times in my life when I hit a "brick wall" and that maybe those were blessings, too. We may never know some of the difficult circumstances that may have finished us off or done us in, but because there was a brick wall there, it stopped us from facing some other tragic outcome.

Yes, life is so very interesting and thought-worthy. Things will happen without any warning, and I've learned that I don't have to fall, cry, or let my dreams die as a result. I was very fortunate that I was able to drive my vehicle all the way back home, just as I have been fortunate to keep on truckin' in spite of life's hard, abrupt collisions. I've come away from them ultimately feeling fine, and safe. I had gone to Washington D.C. to celebrate my birthday and our new President. As well, I came away celebrating a brick wall as a blessing.

S.R. F.

Monday, August 3, 2009



THE POLLS, THE POLLS, THE POLLS... O.K. Is it just me or are you feeling a little left out of the whole polling thing? According to the latest polling stats, our wonderful, terrific, awesome, brilliant, phenomenal, extraordinary President of these United States' approval rating has dropped to 49%. Nobody asked me. I'm just sayin'...the man is methodological, a visionary, NOT a magician. He gets an A+ from me for having a great plan! Will everything work? Maybe not, but to me it looks like some fires have been put out, and he has stopped some of the bleeding. With all of the "ills" we are suffering, America, it will take some time to heal. I really believe that the good of the people and this country is really at the top of the list this time, finally.

Brett Farve...I'm just sayin'...give this guy a break...who of us have not felt VERY confused when making a very difficult decision? It is very hard to say goodbye to the love of your has been his life. He's dealt with some real challenges in the last few years, too. Have some heart, People! Brett, you are not OLD. You are ONLY 39...far from being an antique, Guy. I'm just sayin', there is still a whole lot of life ahead for you!

MICHAEL JACKSON: R.I.P., if you can.

It's disheartening to think that the Jackson family will never be able to have complete rest from all of this media stuff. I guess it's the price you pay for fame. I'm just sayin'...too bad it's so costly.


WENDY WILLIAMS is doing her thing on TV! Not the Wendy Williams I remember...but I'm just sayin'...I like seeing people overcome their obstacles and demons and take it to the next level, and I REALLY enjoy the show! You Go, Girl! How you doin'?



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IN YOUR BUSINESS Solving Workplace Worries

She's Got The Look: It Just Happens To Be The Wrong One

I am a manager in a large, world-wide corporation. We have dress codes that are in place to promote an image of professionalism, both within our company and outside events. I have a rep who often dresses inappropriately for a daytime office environment. Her clothing is well-suited to her, but not the image for business: too sexy, to revealing in most cases. Since this is of such a personal nature, I would like to have some suggestions on how to address this. Thank you in advance.

L. R., Outreach Specialist
Detroit, Michigan

Dear L.R.:

First of all, I disagree that it is of a personal nature. Unless it is just bothersome to you at some personal level, then this is solely business, not personal. I knew of another manager who shared a story in a class that I was facilitating that had a similar issue arise: an employee, who was female, was getting too much of the wrong kind of attention from the guys in her department because of her provocative attire. The manager, who was male, decided to talk with her about it. He explained to her that a different kind of apparel for office would be much better and more conducive to their workplace. Interestingly, the young lady took his advice, dressed more professionally, and actually formed better "professional" relationships with the men in her department. Apparently, they viewed her differently after she changed her "look". She was very appreciative to her manager for his advice and genuine concern.

Perhaps, you can use this information for addressing your employee. Tell her she's got the look, just not the right one for your workplace.



Weight a minute...don't eat that!

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know. Easier said than done. But what are we going to do, People? We are constantly obsessing about weight, and constantly eating at the same time!

It's time to stop and think: wait a minute before you grab that delicious "thing" that will have you sucking in your tummy, and looking squinty-eyed at your butt and waistline the next day.

I believe that our best battle against weight gain and our best success for weight loss is that we have to FOCUS, really FOCUS, on control. We have to just "weight" a minute, endeavoring moment by moment, if necessary, to get a grip on our crazy cravings. We have to "weight" a minute, stop, point a finger at ourselves and say emphatically "don't eat that!"

Everyone of us has heard it thousands of times by now that we should be eating better. We know hundreds of ways to cut calories. We have tried countless diets. So what is the real problem here? SELF-CONTROL!

Doesn't this sound catchy: "The Self-Control Diet Plan: Stop Eating Everything You Want." That's the real solution to our dire diet desires. We just can't eat everything we want and be weight-wise at the same time. We don't need WILLPOWER to lose weight. We need WON'T POWER: I WON'T eat THAT! And I WON'T eat THAT...and I definitely WON'T any longer eat THAT!

So, I will spare you the dirty details of dieting and the boring advice. I will encourage you to do what I know works for sure. Stop eating so much. Stop eating so often. "Weight" a minute or two and think of something else to do.