Monday, November 15, 2010


Close Encounters of the Worst Kind

I was bullied as a kid. When I think about it now, the number of times that I was intimidated by this individual, and the number years it continued, I get downright mad knowing that no way under heaven could anything remotely close to that ever happen to me now. It's baffling that it did happen, and it's still happening to boys, girls, men and women. It needs to stop.

Back then, from kindergarten though the 7th grade, many of us had to endure the evilness and anger of a horrific little girl named Charlotte. She threatened us, took our milk money and picked fights with us constantly. She literally had every kid pretty terrified of her, so we would succumb to her aggression, accommodating her demands or risk getting beaten up. I ask myself now how could another child be so overpowering and so successful at bullying at age five? The answer: she was truly troubled.

Charlotte would come to school day after day with uncombed hair, a dirty face and a disgusting snotty, runny nose. She smelled horrible, and her clothing was never clean or neat. It seemed that she was left on her own to get ready for school, and it definitely showed. Her shoes were never tied and the buttons on her blouses were never buttoned correctly. She was an angry kid, and she hated most of us, and let us know it. Whatever was going on at home was bad, and whatever was going on in her head was even worse.

Getting into trouble for her antics never slowed down any of her actions though. She was just as ready to take our money the next day as she was the day before, along with a punch or two sometimes to let us know she meant business. Too many days I had to figure out how to have milk money for me and Charlotte. I would ask my Daddy for candy money often so I could buy her milk and cookies for the week. He would often give me money for just being a good kid, so whenever this little devil came threatening to beat me up if I didn't hand over some money, I had some to give her.

Others encountered the same treatment. I wasn't the only one being bullied. When we got a little older, she wanted more than money. If she liked something we wore, she demanded to have it . Some of the girls did give her their stuff very unwillingly. I told her "my mother said no" to that request. Actually, my mother integrated a few profanities into her response when I told her about it, but I knew she didn't expect that I would say that to Charlotte. My mother just wanted me to stand up for myself, and one day she had this idea that she would teach me how.

I was in the third grade by this time, and Charlotte was still as terrible and terrifying as ever. One day, I came home crying after she decided she would try to take my coat. My mother was furious about it. She told me in no uncertain terms that I was to go back to school the next day and "mop up the streets with Charlotte." Yeah, right. I was shaking in my boots, but I was riding high on my mother's words and went to school the next day bragging about how I was going to mop up the streets with Charlotte after school. My real plan was to jet out of there at three o'clock like an Olympic runner, hopefully not encountering Charlotte at all.

When the bell rang at three, I went with plan B and ran as fast as I could towards home. I was about fifty feet from my house, and feeling somewhat relieved when out of nowhere came Charlotte, screaming like a banshee, "Mop up the streets with me! Mop up the streets with me!" Then she smacked me in the back of my head. I fell down, but got up quickly and ran from this crazed, maniac child. So much for my mother's advice. She had no real idea what we were dealing with. However, eventually, my parents ended up coming to the school. The bullying did stop for a while after that, but only for a while.

By sixth grade, Charlotte had a posse. What threats and terror she did not commit herself, she would send one of her other fiends to do. Unfortunately, this nonsense carried on until the seventh grade, until I realized that it was time I did something to stop it.

When one of "them", Linda, had passed the word that she was going to beat me up after school, I knew then and there this would be the very last time I would allow myself to be subject to this unfair, unjustified and ignorant treatment. This was the day there would be a showdown. I was done with getting beaten up. I was tired of giving them my money. I was just plain tired of being a pushover. I was becoming a young lady and I was beginning to feel a little more grown up. My mother let me stop wearing pigtails when I got to the seventh grade, so I was "styling" a little bit by now. I thought to myself, "I am not going to let them make me look stupid anymore. I'm getting too big for this now. I have to fight this time."

After school, all the kids knew about the upcoming fight and they congregated, screaming and cheering Linda on. I had no fans, no support, except myself. Linda came up close behind me as I was walking home and pushed me, which was the "typical" indication that the fight was on. I turned around and looked at Linda, snatched her by her hair and gave her the beat down of her little life. Yeah, Linda, unfortunately, got beat up for every time that anybody had threatened or intimidated me. She was a mess, shaken, startled, scared, limping and crying. I knew I would have no more problems with her. Over, done, in one round.

Still, no cheers for me, just awe, but you will never guess what happened next. Charlotte came over to me as I was dusting myself off. She put her arm around my shoulder and said, "I didn't know you could fight like that." If I hadn't known she had already lost her mind a long time ago, I thought for sure she had now. I threw her arm off my shoulder and said, "and don't you forget it." I picked up my books, and strutted off as if to say anybody's butt was mine if they were bad enough to try me. I had new found respect that day. More importantly, my self-esteem was restored. My confidence was strong. No, I was no longer a wimp. I was worthy. Hear me roar!

Honestly, I am not proud of this story. I am sorry I experienced this trauma, and I am sorry for anyone who does. No one should be subject to the terrorizing, threats and fights that I went through. Bullying is no joke. It's awful. You feel hurt, scared and insecure all the time. You don't understand why it's happening and you don't really know what to do about it. You get teased and laughed at, which complicates the other feelings you're dealing with. It was a good thing that my parents started paying closer attention and stepped in. It was even better when I stepped up, not because I wanted to fight. I didn't. All I wanted was my self-esteem back, and I got it. And, yes, I have a new attitude about taking any kind of bull, anytime or anywhere.

If you or someone you know is the target of bullying or abuse of any kind, let someone know who can intervene safely. These circumstances can vary greatly from individual to individual, however, the need to stop the abuse is essential. Show that person your concern by saying that you care, by stepping in and helping to end these senseless encounters. Sometimes all it takes is someone to show up and step up.


Sunday, September 19, 2010



God bless America, please!

Help our government leaders to find common ground.

Help them to use common sense and insight, and cause them to use an even grander wisdom in finding solutions to our country's difficulties and challenges.

Let them be reminded that their decisions must be made with the greater good of all the people in mind, and not just for the sake of a political party win.

Help them to see that many of us are hoping to see a harmonious effort to impact and change conditions and circumstances that involve so many. Help them see that their arguments and personal agitations only create more uncertainty and angst.

God bless America, please!

Help our government to instill a new and enduring confidence in us through cooperative achievement of goals that make life better for everybody.

Help our government improve the components of our society that build and strengthen our great foundation.

Help them to embrace a collective consciousness for establishing the best criteria for moving this nation forward.

Help our Leaders know that some of your greatest work is done through the heads, hearts and hands of men and women in chosen places such as theirs.

Bless these Leaders to use the knowledge and ability you gave them to structure a framework that is never again easily shaken.

Help these Leaders to overcome their differences by reminding them that a house divided cannot stand. Let our country be the WORLD'S PATTERN for GREATNESS, SOLIDITY and STRENGTH.

Give Americans the Spirit and steadfastness to continue to pray and believe that in spite of all the hardships, we can still look forward to the things that make life easier and enjoyable.

God bless America, please!

I'm praying. I'm just sayin' seems like the right thing to do.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MICHELLE OBAMA: She Practices What She Preaches

Thanks, Michelle! Today I had the pleasure of listening to our First Lady talk about her new initiative "Let's Move" on The White House Live website. I think what I love most about this launch is that she is taking easy-to-understand, common sense thinking about healthy eating and exercise and working on implementing these strategies into the "extracurricular" school life of kids all over America. By bringing this initiative into every school, these efforts, hopefully, will also translate into a healthier lifestyle for these students overall as they learn to make their choices about how they will eat and exercise for the rest of their lives.

As well, all of us will have to become role models. Regarding how we feed ourselves and our families, Michelle suggested that we make "manageable" changes to our current eating habits, such as eliminating, or at least minimizing many of the sugars and snacks we eat, and limiting the number of fast food meals we consume. Personally, I have lived by the diet theory of "elimination", not "deprivation", so I emphatically agree with her when she says that if we decide to eat healthy most of the time, having the snacks and fast foods are then the "special treats" we can guiltlessly enjoy now and then.

Who could be better at offering us inspiration and encouragement? Michelle Obama is more than a fine example of someone who practices what she preaches. She also suggested that dancing and outdoor games, things that are "fun" and that get us moving are viable ways to get additional exercise. As an example, she talked about how she and the President discipline their girls, refraining them from overdoses of weekday television in an attempt to divert their attention to other productive interests, especially physical activities that gets the whole family involved. We can do the same.

Certainly we need Michelle's motivation. There's no doubt that the Let's Move initiative is born out of necessity, with sixty-percent of school aged children being overweight, and others not getting the nutrition they need because of poor food choices. Let's do our best to support this endeavor, to put into practice good, healthy habits that will help our children eat better and get healthier. Let's take it seriously, and take ourselves to a whole new level of consciousness about how we care for our bodies. Let's do it, People. Let's eat better, and let's exercise. Let's Move!


Saturday, July 3, 2010

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I've just landed among the STARS!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


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Monday, June 21, 2010


Customer Service Reps,
Please Allow Me to HELP YOU!

Is it just me, or has really great customer service become a rare commodity?

The other day I was talking with my cell company, the same company that I've had service with for the last eight years. I had a question about the functionality of the phone, because I determined that I probably need the "Blackberry for Dummies" guide. To save time though this time, I preferred to go through the call prompts and get a real life customer service representative to help me.

I explained my issue, because I just didn't "get it", wasn't quite sure how to make the function work. I've had the phone for a year, but I'm still getting used to all the apps. The first thing I LEARNED was that I was not as bright as the representative about the phone, and she let me know it.
I already KNEW THAT. That's why I was calling.

"I hope you don't take this the wrong way," she said, "but you really should not have to call about that. You should have looked at the DVD that came with your phone. You also could have gone online."

"Young lady," I replied, "I called because I wanted someone to EXPLAIN it to me, and GUIDE me through the process, and just an FYI for you, I suggest you don't say things like that to your customers."

She said, "Well, I told you not to take it the wrong way." So, the "wrong way" meant that I shouldn't be asking a simple question with an obvious answer, because I guess she was there to answer deep, complicated stuff.

"I didn't take it the 'wrong way'. I will take a look at the DVD, but since you're on the phone, could you please help me?" Now, I am wondering if I really do want HER to help me, because now her attitude has shown up and she is clearly not wanting to do this.

She snapped out a swift explanation, as I responded to each direction with, "O.K., O.K." Then she said, "Is there anything else?"

I said, "No. That's all. Thank you." End of call, no goodbye, no "have a nice day", just a "I think you're a stupid customer" left lingering in cyberspace. Anyway, I knew the answer now.

Customer Service Representatives of the world, please remember that you're hired to help folks like me for whatever the reason. We, the customers, would like to feel comfortable and confident that it's alright to call you with our silly, dumb, simple questions. DON'T TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY, but it would really be HELPFUL if when you ask "how may I help you?", you really mean it.

On a more positive note, I hope you have a nice day, and I REALLY DO mean it.
I hope that helps.


Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm Just Sayin'

Whitney Houston: It's A Weighty Business

All of the recent media feedback about Whitney Houston has me THINKING, a regular exercise I indulge in regarding matters of importance, or interest.

First, let me say, I am a die-hard Whitney Houston fan. Like many of you, I have watched her over the years, from the most glorious days to the graven condition she found herself in, the fight for a comeback, and the even greater fight to "stay back" in the game. As fans, our emotions are mixed. Speaking for myself, I know that I am glad that the addiction didn't kill her, and I am saddened that she is still struggling so much with, obviously, some additional issues. If that isn't enough, for me to see the media killing her is a bit hard to take, too.

I agree that what we hear is not good. The voice has faded, and maybe she could have made a better decision to not put herself under so much pressure to perform right now. She is ONLY human, and I feel sure that she more than likely feels the embarrassment in ways we don't get to see. I am sure that it is quite painful for her, wanting to do and give her best, but having difficulty producing it. At this point, I feel more compassion than disappointment though. No one plans to fall, and certainly she didn't expect she'd fall so hard in this great attempt to stand tall again. Maybe more rest and less spotlight would be the best remedy for healing and hope of easier days. I sure hope so.

With all that being said, what stimulated my thoughts today is the issue of her weight gain. Stories say she is about 175 pounds now, and I am still scratching my head wondering why that is such a horrible thing. She still looks like a Diva to me. All of this crazy evaluation of celebrities and high profile individuals who gain weight baffles me, as if they are supposed to have some supernatural resistance to food. I understand that they have their "public" to please, and they often start out with these supposedly marvelous images of good health and weight sustain-ability, but if you eat regularly at all, you know that so many of us are only a few weak meals away from tighter, hard-to-pull-up jeans. You know what I mean, the same jeans that fit pretty well just a few "weaks" ago, are hard to pull up now.

So what if some of the celebs gain some, or a lot of weight: let's not send them to a special jail for it. If it's an issue TO THEM, health, self-esteem or whatever, that's one thing. If it's an issue TO US because WE THINK they should be slimmer to PLEASE US, well, let's wake up to the reality that stuff changes, especially stuff like our weight.
Is it bad, or is it just an unrealistic paradigm for us? I am not encouraging bad health, being overweight or obesity, but it's definitely O.K. to not be super-thin and still be loved.

Anyway, while Whitney struggles to sing, and with other battles she faces, I know all of us can agree that life is a weighty business in more ways than one. Whether its POUNDS or PROBLEMS, the "scale" can surprise you on any given day. In this regard, however, because I am such a dedicated fan, I think that today I will have a double burger, fries, and something sweet, goo-ey and high in calories to show my support...I'm just sayin', here's to you, Whitney. Hang in there.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Monday, June 7, 2010



Are many of the things you SAID you would have DONE by now still lingering in your imagination? Does doubt keep telling you "it's EASIER said than DONE"?

Doubting YOURSELF can deter your DREAMS, alter your direction, distract you from your goals, and possibly DESTROY your self-esteem. Feelings of inadequacies often develop the farther we get away from our heart's desires.
We risk falling into the trap of not believing in ourselves at all, all because doubt shadows our own trust and faith.

Doubt is often disguised as, "I would have if...", or "I could have if...", IF...IF...IF. We find reasons, and make excuses for our hesitancy. We validate our thoughts about why we stand off and stand back and let life pass us by. There is always "too much else going on" or "in the way." The truth is that sometimes deep down we don't believe we're worthy of success, or that we can really achieve it. Some of us may have a fear of failing, so we just leave our goals on the floor of our imagination.

Although it isn't always so easy to conquer doubt, the sooner we make a decision to DO something, the sooner we're on our way to actually DOING IT. Turning doubt into DETERMINATION begins with a decision-making step FORWARD, a decision that says "YES, I AM GOING TO DO THIS". You'll get excited once you make up your mind. Excitement and enthusiasm will FUEL the FLAME from there. That BURNING DESIRE will DRIVE YOU, and make things happen in a way you never imagined before.

1. STOP WISHING. "Wishing" is that fairy tale stage of wanting a goal to come to fruition. The fantasy feels good, but that's as good as it gets. Whatever it is that you "WISH" to do, be BOLD and turn it into a "WANT", and WANT IT bad enough to DO SOMETHING right NOW.

2. STOP WONDERING. This is simple, not necessarily as a matter of PROCESS, but definitely in PROBABILITY: BELIEVE THAT WHAT YOU WANT IS POSSIBLE and, YES, YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN.

3. STOP WAITING. If you are waiting for a precise set of "GO" lights, the indications to proceed may not appear so obviously. Start MOVING in the direction of what is it you want, WATCH and SEE what unfolds as you GO. When it seems that you are at a "STOP" light, LOOK AROUND and determine which direction you need to go in next. Whatever you do, KEEP DRIVING until you get there.

Let's swear off being "
WISHY-WASHY" NOW! DECLARE that there will be NO MORE going back and forth within your THINKING about whether you "should-a, could-a or would-a". Let's get our MIND MADE UP to SET THAT GOAL today!

When it comes to combating doubt and getting what you want, it's "DONE" EASIER THAN "SAID"! I know you can do it, NO DOUBT about it!


Sunday, May 9, 2010



For more than 35 years, Silver Rae has been empowering others through personal and professional development training and lecturing as an instructor, speaker and presenter. About three years ago, Silver, who is best known formerly by her birth name, Pat Evans, strategically embraced a new business name and branding, Silver Rae Fox, and has since made her professional mark to thousands upon thousands as a blog writer and radio host, with her popular blog and internet radio program, both entitled, FOXOLOGY.

As an expert in teaching professional modeling, personal motivation, poise, social and speaking skills, personality and attitude development, the former fashion model and commercial talent, has impacted countless individuals with her hands-on training during tenures with some of the most notable modeling and career development centers in the nation.

Working actively in the community, she has contributed her expertise and instruction in many local schools and churches, and organizations such as the YMCA, Teen Pregnancy, Inc., The Sojourner Truth Shelter for women and children of domestic violence, and The Next Door Foundation. Having created uniquely designed seminars and presentations, she has inspired many individuals, young and old alike, to think positively, to live productively and learn the value of building self-esteem and self-confidence.

As a Senior Trainer and Project Manager for the City of Houston Human Resources Training Division, Silver facilitated the New Employee Orientation Program, the City Accreditation Program for Supervisors, Effective Presentations, Business Grammar and Writing Courses , and also contributed to the initial installment of the current Leadership Institute Program. For several years, hundreds of City employees benefited from her insightful instruction and managerial training.

Silver received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Houston Baptist University, where she double-majored in Sociology and Christianity, and during that time also served in formal church ministry for several years. With a love for expressing her faith, and eagerness to offer spiritual encouragement, she believes strongly in God’s message of hope and strength to those who are burdened with grief, loss, discouragement and adversity. In 1977, Silver lost one of her beautiful twin daughters in a tragic car accident, and through her own recovery and survival, found courage and conviction to continue to live with vitality and vibrantly in spite of life’s difficulties, challenges and odds. From her own life experiences, she shares profound and uplifting spiritual insight for help, hope and healing to her audiences.

Recently, Silver accepted the invitation to serve as Literary Ambassador and Spokesperson for the Book Tree Literacy Project, a non-profit foundation whose purpose is to help eradicate illiteracy. In collaboration with the project, she will also host a weekly 30-minute internet radio program on Blog Talk Radio, “The Book Tree”. The program will showcase authors, writers, poets, wordsmiths, and individuals aspiring to write and publish their ideas and content.

Silver’s other current projects include touring the speaking circuit, launching a library of inspirational and motivational audio products, and publishing “Talk Productive: A Beginner’s Guide to Speaking Confidently,” and a personal memoir and message, “I Can See Clearly Now: Discovering Vision and Purpose For Your Life,” available later this year.

Please contact Silver at for speaking engagements and interviews.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Looking For a Real Level of Success?

Still trying to make that climb to success? You say that all of this POSITIVE ATTITUDE stuff just ain't producing for you? You planned and your plans failed anyway? You started out enthusiastically, but within only a short time your enthusiasm has turned to sighs of struggle? You're getting tired of people stepping on you and over you to get where they want to go? Busted and disgusted now, you're not feeling good about yourself because of it all?

Well, that's the DOWN SIDE of things. ENOUGH OF THAT! Hang on! Most things in life just won't come easy. We have to put forth A LOT of effort, in more ways than one. It is not always simple.

Success happens to us for a combination of reasons. Rarely is it spontaneous. There are usually MANY steps to take before you get there. Move SURE AND STEADY. As desirable as quick results are, you DO NOT always have to hurry. Remember, it was the tortoise that won the race. You will get there. It has taken many years for some companies and individuals to achieve their successes. They would tell that it was patience, not speed, that got them there.

In a poem by William Arthur Ward, "A BLUEPRINT FOR ACHIEVEMENT", he conveys a very positive message that goes something like this: "BELIEVE instead of doubting. PLAN instead of playing. STUDY instead of sleeping. DECIDE and PREPARE instead of delaying. BEGIN instead of procrastinating. WORK instead of wishing. LISTEN while others talk. SMILE instead of pouting. COMMEND instead of criticizing. PERSIST instead of quitting."

Often we want to skip, jump and run to get to our goals. We can't skip the "natural "process. We can't jump over the "normal" steps that it takes to get to the finish line. We can't run without having prepared for the race. Real life doesn't work that way. That's only in the movies. If you really want to do something great then you will have to follow a REAL process. That's how YOU MUST do it if you want to achieve REAL success. You can do it. That's the UP SIDE, and that's the LEVEL where all of the serious ACHIEVERS are doing their thing.


Monday, March 22, 2010

IN YOUR BUSINESS Solving Workplace Worries


Effectively leading, and managing are the two ideal components for those who are at the forefront of work teams. As a Leader-Manager, you want to gain the REGARD and RESPECT of those you lead, so they will receptively follow. You also want the important RESULTS necessary for OPTIMUM work output.

Getting these results will greatly depend on constantly assessing and developing both your leadership and management skills, and understanding the special role they play in an employee's performance. Combined, your ability and implementation of important Leader-Manager skills will encourage the most productive results from your employees, and will often assure better overall productivity for the organization as well.

Here a few tips for the successful Leader- Manager:

1. The manager who PLANS is wise; he CONSIDERS
ALL of his steps. Think, plan and see the WIN-WIN from the start.

2. The manager who operates in INTEGRITY will manage with CONFIDENCE.
Strong values are important for gaining respect and giving respect.

3. Without
GOOD leadership, FAILURE will follow. Sloppy managing gets sloppy results. No brainer.

4. If you SEEK the good in others, you will FIND it.
Some employees need a little more TLC: Tender Leadership Care. As a Leader-Manager, part of your responsibility is to help to bring out the best in them.

5. A GOOD boss FINDS favor with his boss. You may have a Leader-Manager superior, too. It is good to remember that you're on the same team.

6. A manager who LACKS INITIATIVE has nothing to show for his efforts; but a DILIGENT manager will ALWAYS have the DESIRED RESULTS. Laziness begets low morale and effort. A Leader-Manager who stays on top of things gets the team to get things done, and this increases morale.

7. An UNDERSTANDING manager GAINS the CONFIDENCE of his employees. Everyone doesn't think exactly like you. Show compassion and have a good listening ear.

8. A manager who DISCIPLINES with QUICK DISCRETION rarely has to REPEAT himself.
You don't have to mean to be effective. Say what you mean, and mean what you say, but do it with professionalism, not just with your power.

9. It is NOT GOOD to show PARTIALITY toward employees; FAIRNESS CREATES PERFECT JUDGMENT. We sometimes have a tendency, or favor toward certain individuals, but if we choose them for specific tasks, let it be because they were the most qualified, or because you knew they would get the best results. Otherwise, it's like asking a cat to fly, thinking it will, which is a really bad judgment.

10. The timing of positive words is always PERFECT. Praising your employees WORKS wonders! If possible, create special incentives, give awards for good work, say "You did a great job with that!". In an employee's eyes, there isn't anything more PERFECT you could say.

Remember, embracing a dynamic Leader-Manager skill-set will fortify your effectiveness as you guide your people to optimum performance and your business to a lucrative bottom line. Simply managing will get you from A to Z. Leadership is the art of wisely guiding them there.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010



Back in the Bible days, when serious laws were violated, punishment was
executed SWIFTLY and MERCILESSLY. To name a few, people were stoned to death, or wrapped and tied up in leather sacks, then put out in the sun to dry up like a prune. Others had their eyes poked out as punishment for particular crimes, some got their fingers and hands cut off for stealing and such. I often wonder if punishment for crimes in this current day was more feared, fast and dreaded, perhaps there would be a lot less offenders? I'm so appalled and frustrated over all of the consideration, leniency and freedom given to serious offenders.
I'm just sayin', there ought to be a law that scares them to death.


Whenever I hear about poll numbers now, I find myself tilting my head, my forehead furrowing, and my mouth doing this strange pucker. I am trying to figure out who are these people who are representing what I do, think and say? "When Americans were polled, 53% said...", "when polled 16% of Americans agree that...", "87% of Americans believe...". NO ONE has ever asked me about any poll question that I hear about. I've been around long enough that somebody should have asked me something by now. You, neither? Then why is this stuff considered the holy truth? It shouldn't be. I'm just sayin', THAT'S MY PUBLIC OPINION!


In the famous words of Forrest Gump, "that's all I'VE got to say about that."

HEALTH CARE REFORM: The Doctor Will Be With You Shortly.
I watched the Health Care Summit last week, just ab
out every minute of it. It was interesting to get a peek at that process. Regardless of all of the arguments, regardless of the numbers, I just believe that somehow these smart men and women will make this work without risk of killing the country's future goals. Enough is enough, guys. Just stop the political poo-poo and make it happen. I'm just sayin'...WHEW. Some people are sick, and some are sick and tired of waiting.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Life Can Be Tough. You Must Be Tougher.

"I know you'd agree that life can be tough, and oftentimes we discover that we don't know our way around or through a problem. Life happens, and along with it unexpected issues, situations and crisis can throw you off balance, off course, and sometimes out of the ballgame altogether. It happens to the best of us. Fortunately, there are remedies that can help. I've produced and co-authored an amazing CD, "8 Principles For Positive Thinking" that offers empowering and enlightening insights that will impact your view of life, and how we handle difficult and challenging circumstances. I share both common and uncommon sense concepts that I've used to get through some of the most gut-wrenching challenges in my life, including the untimely loss of my beautiful four year-old twin daughter who died in a tragic car accident. You'll learn stimulating thinking skills from the faith and the fortitude I developed through that tough period in my life, as well as many other positive thinking tools that give strength and wisdom for everyday living. "8 PRINCIPLES FOR POSITIVE THINKING" will inspire and encourage you to be a strong, positive thinker and motivate you to live your life more deliberately, confidently and courageously. I've learned that life can be tough, and I am committed to mastering the skills that it takes to be a tough thinker. You can, too."
- Silver Rae Fox

"8 PRINCIPLES FOR POSITIVE THINKING" is a sensible and sensitive, yet powerful perspective on life and how we handle it. It will RENEW and INVIGORATE your heart, mind and attitude! No "secret" formulas for success, no hard-to-understand, unrealistic approaches to happiness. You'll get 60 minutes of solid, smart, tough-minded thinking skills that can improve your life! And, it's EASY and AFFORDABLE!

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  • How "The Business of Thinking" will help you GET CONTROL of problems by overreacting LESS and THINKING MORE.
  • How to GET FREE from "Bondage - Self Induced" situations by CHOOSING to SET YOURSELF FREE.
  • "How To Get Over" and through difficult circumstances with POSITIVE THOUGHTS and ACTIONS.
  • The IMPORTANCE of "Doing Time" PRODUCTIVELY and PATIENTLY during the course of major life changes.
  • How to "Commit To Joy" and live fully every day.
  • "Where To Go To Get What You Need" by focusing on RESOURCES and RELATIONSHIPS that ADD STRENGTH to your life.
  • How "We Do Our Truth" by gaining a GREATER UNDERSTANDING of ourselves and our actions.
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Monday, February 15, 2010



EVER HEARD OF GEORGE EASTMAN? He was a high school dropout, judged "not especially gifted" when measured against the academic standards of the day. He was poor, but even as a young man, he took it upon himself to support his widowed mother and two sisters, one of whom was severely handicapped.

He began his business career as a 14-year old office boy in an insurance company and followed that with work as a clerk in a local bank.

He was George Eastman, and his ability to overcome financial adversity, his gift for organization and management, and his lively and inventive mind made him a successful entrepreneur by his mid-twenties, and enabled him to direct his Eastman Kodak Company to the forefront of American industry.

But building a multinational corporation and emerging as one of the nation's most important industrialists required dedication and sacrifice. It did not come easily. (Excerpt from, The History of Kodak).

George Eastman sacrificed greatly to invent his product. He poured his mind and money into his creation, often finding himself drained in both areas. He became the brunt of laughter, disgrace and humiliation because of his financial adversity and failure. However, nothing stopped this incredible man from manifesting what his genius and imagination compelled him to create. His own dedication and belief didn't fail him, even when friends viewed his efforts as ridiculous. He not only launched his Kodak camera, but made history as one the wealthiest, most remarkable, generous businessmen and philanthropists of his era.

His story has always inspired me. I learn from his story that the elements of financial success are more than the need or greed for money. Can you imagine feeling something so deep on the inside, feeling so pregnant with an idea that you will never be satisfied until it gives birth to the world? That is what George Eastman felt, and he is still impacting the world because of it. If the truth be told, many of us would have to say "Yes, I have felt that, too". Well, what are you going to do about it? Maybe the world needs what you have, too.

The point is that our money-making idea may need to "get out". Some wealth comes easy, and some wealth is acquired by much effort, strain, stress, sacrifice, risk, blood, sweat and tears. For some, getting wealthy may fall somewhere between easy and not so easy. Since only about 5% of Americans are "wealthy", maybe this helps you understand why. It just ain't easy for everybody. Do-able, yes. Easy, not so much. That's what often stops us, but it shouldn't.

Keep in mind, you don't necessarily have to be a mega-millionaire to be financially successful. You'd settle for less, no doubt, as long as you could live as large as you'd like to, take care of your family, enjoy life. Regardless, to have big money, you often have to work hard, and work smart. That's just the way it is.

. There are so many like George Eastman in the world. So many whose stories we know, and don't know. The lesson we have to gain from them is that if you want something bad enough, you have to be bold enough to work at getting it. His story is proof positive that you can. He didn't seem to have a special gift. No special education. No money to speak of, but he did have that quality that make us keep trying when everyone else thinks it's stupid to try again: he must have had great COURAGE.

So, my friends, let's get COURAGEOUS. Let's get AUDACIOUSLY COURAGEOUS. Let's get downright "nothing is going to stop me now" courageous! Let's get "I'm going to give this all I've got" courageous! Let's get "I will not give up until I make it" courageous! Yes, your gift, your company, your invention, your idea can benefit us, and maybe the entire world, just like George Eastman's did. Don't keep us waiting!


Monday, February 1, 2010


Do You Have

The word SUPERVISION means "a critical watching and directing of activities, or course of action." Let's "see" what we can learn from that:

The human eye has this incredible ability to focus, observe and gather information and see objects that are at great distances away. You probably don't think much about that when you gaze at beautiful sunsets, look awe-filled at the clouds in a bright blue sky, or see a plane soaring above you, but at that moment you are literally seeing objects that are thousands of feet in the distance, and literally millions of miles away. Anyone would agree that it is certainly a type of "super-VISION" that we possess.

Wouldn't be wonderful if it was as simple as that to focus on the needs of our organizations and its people, to observe and gather data and information that would quickly bring into view right strategies, plans and goals? Well, "seeing" isn't quite so simple when you're managing people, but nonetheless, it does require extraordinary SUPERVISION, a combination of keen insight, intellect and instinct to do the job well: Insight that helps you see a problem, analyze it, weigh the solutions and then KNOW WHAT TO DO. Intellect that comes from either education or experience or both, that TELLS YOU EXACTLY WHAT TO DO. Then, there's Instinct, a kind of JUST KNOWING WHAT TO DO.

The manager who operates without these keen insights into the needs of the people who contribute significantly to his or her success, or who misses the opportunity to exercise his or her experience and education to enhance the development of the organization's employees, or the manager who fails to realize that quick instincts are an ability that favorably impacts change and progress, may have a case of "blurred vision". Just managing, wielding power or believing that leadership is pushing people around is far from sharp focus on great supervision, or "seeing" the best practices for maneuvering a team.

SUPER-VISION is the ability to see people up-close AND at a distance, a critical watching and directing of the activities and courses of action that you manage and influence each day. Good managers and supervisors constantly "adjust their lenses" to see better, striving to see things in a new way, and in a better light. They are constantly focusing on better strategies to get through daily challenges and crisis at work. They can see the necessity and benefit of positive change, and most of all, they can see how employees can work WITH them and not just FOR them. These managers excel, because they see the people they manage as the valuable human resources that they are.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010


BUSINESS: What's a Plan Got To Do With It?

I had a lot of fun and laughter thinking about this topic today. I thought about all of the times that I had an idea, the inspiration, the motivation, the drive and the determination to do some things, and had NO real plan. Some things worked, some didn't. Some failed. Some flopped. Sometimes I landed safely, and other times I felt like I was in a free-fall off of a cliff. It's only funny looking back. It was anything but funny at the time. Some of the things I've done before that didn't quite work out, if done again, I would do one thing over: make a PLAN A, PLAN B, PLAN C, ...

I ALWAYS had a strategy, so these were not completely blind leaps that I took. I've had a few formal business plans constructed, too, to guide me. Even so, you know what I learned the hard way? Even the best laid plans can fail, too. It's the one thing about business that can get so tricky and frustrating, the day-to-day calculations of what you'll produce. Or not.


So what does having a plan really have to do with anything? Well, a business associate told me something very interesting recently. She and her partners were constructing a deal to acquire business from another company. They are smart, experienced women, and were eager to get this client on board. They were promised a deal if they could provide the plan that would guarantee the client the financial success he needed.
They were confident that they could, but due to some timing factors with preparation, failed to show the client how his business goals fit into their business strategy. Can you say "OOPS"? So, instead of walking away with the whole caboodle of business, he gave them a small quotient of it as a "trial run". They needed and wanted all the business he had allocated for them, but didn't get it.

That was still a good thing, but having a plan, a strategy to view, would have netted them much more money. That was the goal. That was the plan. The plan was clear in their thinking, but there was nothing on paper to show their client.
Plans provide focus. They can be altered, but they keep us moving toward our goals. They help us remember to make our decisions based on the structure that is already in place. Flexibility is important, of course, but the PLAN is the course of action that gets us from our starting point to the finish line.


I've also learned that businesses that don't survive, don't for a great variety of reasons. Sometimes I felt like questioning my own intelligence when things didn't work out. I stopped before going on that trip, because I know my intellect, and I know myself. Trust me, there are variables that go into becoming successful that go far beyond your intelligence, hard work, faith and money. On any given day, someone else's decision could impact everything you've planned. Someone or something that happens can so blindside you in the midst of your strategy and throw everything out of whack. How can you possibly plan for that? You pick yourself up and dust yourself off, and hopefully, keep going if you can.

No one PLANS to fail, but I have also learned that once you have put your business plan together, there should be an "alert clause" at the end saying that it may not work. Factual. Sad, but true. I know that sounds negative, but businesses still fail annually at an alarming rate, and not because they didn't have a plan.


The recent Vikings and Cowboys game comes to mind (because I'm a FAVRE-VELOUS fan!). To the best of their understanding and ability, those teams came out to do business. They had studied strategy, had a plan as definable as possible. Each team, when given the ball, made their plays to the best of their strengths, ability and focus. They called the plays as each prior play required. There was one goal in mind: TO WIN. That would be the ultimate SUCCESS for that team. The athletic prowess was there, but sometimes things just were not working out, not going according to the "plan". The Cowboys lost, not because they are not a great team, and not because they don't have great leaders.

Sometimes the "business" of all of our "trying" just doesn't give us the results we planned for. If you can see the analogy, it's the same for business folks. You don't always lose because you didn't plan well or try hard enough.

Then do you really need a plan? YES. Do you need to know that plans can take an unexpected turn? YES, YES. Should you understand going in that being in business is, in itself, a tough business? YES, YES, YES. If you understand that, you're ready to do business, my friend, and by all means necessary, hang in there.



I've been doing some reading on the history of the multilevel marketing industry. I discovered several things in my research. The whole idea began by individuals who needed money who then developed and sold products to neighbors and friends, sometimes door-to-door.

In a couple of cases, these salespersons were able to grow their efforts into full-blown business ventures, requiring the assistance of additional reps. To make the endeavor interesting, lucrative and more worthwhile, increased commissions and incentives were offered to motivate the salespeople to distribute more product. Even greater rewards came in the form of bonuses if they brought other sales reps on board. The initial sales reps earned commissions on the sales of the reps they brought in, as well as the special bonuses rewarded by the company.

I don't know about you, but that sounds like simple math, and an extremely simple approach to earning a good to great income. It's the reason I like multilevel marketing: it makes sense if you can sell a product you can identify with and make money at the same time, and offer the same opportunity to someone else who can benefit, too. I don't want to make it appear to be the easiest path to financial success, because like anything else, it takes time and effort to build your business. You have to be "cut out" to do this sort of thing.

Network marketing, or multilevel marketing as it is more commonly known, requires both real networking and real marketing. You can do that with your circle of influence, within your church family, community, on your day job, or you could reach out through various social and professional media sites to sell the product and recruit other reps.

Depending on the time and effort you invest, you can grow a successful home-based business pretty quickly. Some marketers approach it more slowly, and others become very prosperous within weeks and months. One thing I know for sure, it can really pay off if you work at it. It is a terrific source of residual income for many, and who wouldn't like to be earning while you're sleeping?

Now, about the Trump Network. It works like all the other successful network marketing companies. It is not a scam, a scheme or a pyramid. It is a legitimate business opportunity, like Shaklee, Amway and Mary Kay. In this case, you invest an initial $500 to start, and then get others to do the same. You also, and as a primary focus, market the variety of health and wellness products offered by the company. You have to maintain a level of volume each month, but that becomes easy as you get other marketers on board.

Now, as I said, this IS NOT, I repeat, IS NOT for everyone. Yes, the math works, but it DOES NOT work if no one in your down line is working on getting other marketers signed up to join the company. Example: if you join my down line by investing your $500, you then need to get three to five other people that you can count on to invest $500 also, and they need to do the same, and so on, and so, on. The good news is that you can start earning substantial money immediately, although that just depends on what your goals are. You can get people to join in with you fast and now, or slowly. Either way, you build a great income for yourself ultimately.

So, with that being said, I will extend a special invitation to any of you who are interested, to take a closer look at this particular company. Please email at for more info. I send you the details of the business plan and then you call me if you are ready to get started, or if you have questions. If you have been looking to do a business of your own, this just might be the BIG NAME that you've been looking for!


Monday, January 25, 2010


Think "FOXY" and Grow $$$

First, let me say that I am not a money "guru". The purpose of "FOXY MONEY" is three-fold: One, I will share the trials and triumphs of my personal and professional money wisdom, worries, woes and wealth, with the hope that you can learn from my mistakes, laugh at my foibles and get yourself on the path to thinking and becoming rich.

Second, I will share strategies that will increase your wealth from the experts, the wise and wealthy, from the business savvy and powerful men and women who really know how to build wealth.
I am constantly excited and amazed at the ingenuity of these people who are so CLEVER, which is, by the way, what I am referring to when I use the term "FOXY MONEY". My goal will be to embellish us in the type of thinking and doing that will make some of us rich, and some of us very, very rich.

Third, I am an independent marketer for a very successful network marketing/multi-level marketing corporation, and will be offering this opportunity to others who can see the value in this amazing business venture.

Why another blog about money, especially since I am not a financial mastermind, and just currently working on getting wealthy? I am already WEALTHY, WEALTHY, WEALTHY in so many ways, and incredibly blessed. I wish I could spend that, because I would never want for anything. However, like many of you, I want a BIG, really BIG FAT BANK ACCOUNT. So, while I am working on becoming REALLY wealthy, so will you if you do all of the things we'll be learning from this blog. Why? Simply, because WE NEED MONEY! I prefer a LOT of it. You, too?


They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Well, then, let's become new dogs, and learn more about the old tricks: the things about money that have always made folks financially empowered; things like genius, imagination, invention, investing, energy and hard work. There are tried and true methods for building wealth that a lot of us haven't and don't apply to our lives. There are wise ways of handling money that many of us ignore. There are sure fire strategies that increase little into much if we follow the rules. It can be tricky, but the magic comes when we perform the good "tricks", implementing those ideas and ideals that have made so many others into great money masters and milli/billionaires.


Some days it seems that getting control over your money is the biggest challenge. Believe me, I know. There is always something needed, something to pay, something that comes up. One of my biggest lessons has been learning that money DOES NOT have a mind of it's own. It does whatever I say do. It goes where I say go. It lands where I spend it. That, in itself, lets me know that discipline and management have to be two of my best friends. The Bible even teaches us that money AND wisdom are a defense, meaning that your prosperity is protected by how you manage what you have. It means that we have must be both more caring and careful about our money. After all, didn't our parents tell us that it doesn't grow on trees? It sure doesn't, but this is true: we can make it grow, by knowing how to plant it and cultivate what we learn about it. If we put our ideas and money where it will prosper, it is certain to give us an abundant crop in return.


This blog is going to chime in with the many other new thinkers who are realizing that the next wave of millionaires are in position. I am going to be one of them, and I am going to encourage you, enlighten you, compel you and challenge you to take yourself to a new level financially, too.

Remember, money does not have a mind of it's own. It will obey you. You make the calls. You make the plans. You make the deals. You make the plays. You chart the course. You become the winner.


If you are between a rock and a hard place right now, don't despair. This is for you, too. I've been there, more than once. I've had crisis upon crisis, and sometimes could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. There were days when my future wasn't clear, and all pathways seemed unsure. I've lost everything and had to start over. Yes, I've been down, but NEVER out. My money has been "funny", as the saying goes. Fortunately, I'm too smart and too tough to be beaten by it. I've learned that just because you're down to nothing, doesn't mean that you are nothing.

Yes, I've experienced a little fear, a lot of frustration, some embarrassment, but when all is said and done, I'm a dazzling doll with a whole lot of things going for myself that can't be bought or sold. It's called SELF-WORTH! You've got it, too, and that's why this blog will be important. I want you to see your self-worth, and I want you to develop your financial worth as well. It doesn't matter where you're starting from.


I'll start posting common and uncommon wisdom and insights from the great minds of those who have made the millions before us. So, if you think you're DESTINED to prosper, get your FOXY self ready, because GREAT things are ahead! YOU ARE ALREADY RICH, we're just unlocking the doors to your WEALTH and GREATNESS!


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Thursday, January 7, 2010


Yep, it's here! Ready or not, the New Year has begun! If you are like most of us, we've spent a great deal of time reflecting on the things we want in the year ahead. Aspirations, dreams, hopes and plans loom large in our thinking, but therein lies an all-important question: do you have an ACTION PLAN to make it happen? Getting results isn't always simple, depending on what your goal is, but most achievers will tell you that YOU MUST take ACTION!

Here are a few thoughts to help kick things into gear:

1. “A” Have an "A+" mindset! ATTITUDE + ACTION = ACQUISITION!

Will you need a positive attitude? Of Course. Will you need to be optimistic? Definitely. Will you need to believe in yourself? Without question. Will you need to do everything in your power to make it happen? Yes, you will, and then some. Will you get there? CERTAINLY! Most people who don't reach their goals have stopped believing they will, and have stopped trying to make it happen.

2. “C” CHOOSE to avoid the negative and CONCENTRATE on the positive!

Here is a simple analogy for you: in your mind's eye you can see two cars. One is a beat-up jalopy. The other is your beautiful, brand new dream car. In this visual, why would it make sense for you to keep your focus on the beat-up jalopy? What would be the reason that you would be drooling over it as your heart's desire? Makes no sense to do that, right? On the other hand, seeing that beautiful new car causes you to smile, feel a few palpitations, huh? Yeah, that's the "feel good" car. That's the one to concentrate on, the one that makes you feel on top on the world! That's the way it works with negative thinking versus positive thinking. You have to remember to adjust your thoughts accordingly.

3. “T” TAKE yourself seriously and you will TAKE yourself to the next level!

O.K. This is simple, too. Make up your mind to get what you deserve to get out of life. It is a serious misconception that certain "good things" only come to certain people. Anything is possible for anyone who is willing to go after it.

4. “I” IDENTIFY the exact directions you want to take!

I took a short road trip a couple of days ago, and did a Mapquest to be sure I would get where I was headed. If I had not done that, chances are I would not have arrived as conveniently or as efficiently as I did. The map had about ten specific instructions that I had to follow to get to my destination, and I followed them closely. Plans and goals often work in the same way. Get directions. Sometimes they may have to be altered because of "road conditions", but if you keep going, even in an alternate "direction", you are likely to arrive at your goal in due time.

5. “O” Make an ONGOING effort to stay ON track!

I kept looking at my Mapquest directions to see if I was still on track, to be sure I had not missed a sign or a turn. As I reviewed it, I began to memorize the directions so that I had them locked in my mind. As I traveled on further, I felt very confident knowing that now I only had to keep looking for the right signs to continue on my trip. I knew where I was going, even though I had not traveled the specific course before. I had an idea locked into my thinking that assured me that I was going in the right direction, stayed on track, and got there.

6. “N” NEVER stop trying! Let NOTHING stop you!

I suppose I could have decided that I was tired of driving, but I wouldn't have gotten to my destination. I could have decided that I had driven far enough, but I wouldn't have gotten where I wanted to go. I could have gotten a flat tire or had some other type of car trouble, and needed to address that. I could have run out of gas, and needed to get help to get refueled. Get the point? There are so many reasons that any of us could fail to arrive at a goal, but all of them are not reasons that should prevent us from getting to it. We have to become better at being willing to "fix" the problem so that we can proceed. If it's fixable, then it's likely that what you want is still do-able. Fix it and keep going!

It's 2010, an opportunity for a new start, a new chart, and a new reason to reach every DESTINATION. This is YOUR year! You're GOING PLACES! Ready? Take some ACTION and MAKE IT HAPPEN!