Sunday, October 11, 2009

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Monday, October 5, 2009


A Plight To The Finish: The School of Hard Knocks

Chances are you've heard of The School of Hard Knocks. It's that place of education that you're thrown into against your will, and allowed to graduate from regardless of your grade point average.

The "SOHK" University, the school where you learn about life the hard way. It's that place where mistakes offer Master's degrees, and difficulties will earn you a Doctorate.

Yes, dealing with life can be down right exasperating at times, intense, a real battle. Seems like the harder you try, the harder it gets? Seems like each time you start trucking down your path to success, you get completely lost? Seems like you try to do good, but bad things always happen? You keep getting tripped up, ripped up, turned around, flattened out? You feel like that last difficulty was the final blow? Yeah? You're in The School of Hard Knocks.

Before you go to the after school pity party, take caution. That's the wrong sorority to join. You can start to feel sorry for the person you look at in the mirror each day, or start to take really good notes about yourself. You can sing sad songs and harmonize with the difficulties of life, or analyze where the problems strike a chord and learn from it. You can feel kicked and knocked around, or teach yourself to administer healing and remedies to your wounds, and your situations.The SOHK University is continuously giving you the opportunity to learn and grow, pass or fail.

Study is crucial, so study hard. Learn from your mistakes. Listen to your "instructors". Every situation teaches us something. Pay attention. Don't miss the obvious information that is right in front of you guiding you and giving you insight.

Don't be discouraged. Actually, you're in school with the most elite. The SOHK University's enrollment is full, and the cost is high. We pay a premium price for the wisdom we get at this school. Most often it's from our bank of blood, sweat and tears. However, if you can still get up and walk across the stage of life, then you made it. Stand, and hold your head up high.You may have to wait in line a very long time, but life is handing out degrees in TKO's and there's one with your name on it.


Sunday, October 4, 2009


Mr. President, Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

My heart is so saddened by all the recent controversy in regard to President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. My personal opinion is that with all that the President HAS accomplished, should we be so surprised and critical? I wonder why we question the intelligence and impressions of the committee that chose to honor him? Just a few men who lack good judgement and common sense? I think not.

President Obama managed to rally millions to support him. We were of various races, ages, beliefs, ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds. Who else has done that so powerfully and efficiently recently? A few million of us gathered to see him sworn into office, joyfully, PEACEFULLY, pridefilled, and without incident, I might add. Many leaders around the world respect him, and are poised to consider his advances toward resolving world conflicts. Have we forgotten what his history-making, landmark achievement represents? I pray not.

He has said that he even thinks he is undeserving of the Nobel Peace Prize. I find his humility to be another asset to his character, however, I believe in the confidence of the committee and their desire to esteem him with such a prestigious recognition, and I am happy that I won't be one of the naysayers. I think Martin Luther King would be shaking his head at us in dismay right now. I can't say for sure, but I believe that he would respect the accomplishments and efforts of President Obama, and see them as a definite contribution to world peace. Will we falter right now in what we believe is to come by the time his tenure in office is done? I will not.

My message to President Obama would be to keep his eyes on the prize, that being accomplishing the vision you had in mind for this country and the people in it. The people who realize that your work is very difficult, and must be purposed, calculated and strategized, are still standing with you. Yes, I am also weary over the problems we have ongoing in our nation, but I did not lose faith in the government even before you came into office. We are still a very strong nation and I know you will help us to recover from many of our current dilemas.

I'm just sayin' many of us still believe in you, and feel you are so deserving of the honored Nobel Peace Prize. We see where you're going. Congratulations to you. We're so proud!


Size 16 is the new size 10, or something like that.

I'm guilty. I want to stay at a flattering weight and size, like most women in the world. Sometimes I obsess about it. It seems that whether we are a size 2 or 22, weight is always a struggle, and we struggle to be comfortable with ourselves overall as a result. I'm just sayin'...maybe it's about time stop the madness and weigh-in on what's really important. Maybe we should work more on making sure our self-esteem busting out at the seams.

O.K. So, now we know that Tyra Banks and Oprah Winfrey have nice heads of hair, all their own: BIG NEWS? I'm just sayin' we care? Didn't they know we loved them even when we didn't know this?

One of my new favorite shows is SHARK TANK. I'm just sayin'...these guys shoot straight from the hip. If you have a business idea that you are brave enough to convince them to believe in, you will walk away with incredible financial backing and support, or realize you've been wasting a lot of your time and your money on your efforts. They will give you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If you can't take the shark "bites"...don't jump in. You'll be eaten alive. On the other hand, if they like your idea, and you can get them hooked....I'm just sayin'... you'll be swimming with the best. Love that show!




At this time of year when the weather is getting dry and cold, our skin tends to be rougher, dryer and flaky. Skin may feel "papery" and tight from lack of moisture, the most obvious signs seen on our hands, elbows and feet. However, your entire body may be craving some deeper moisturizing, too!

By nature the skin thickens in the wintertime to help protect you from the cold, and roughness and dryness follow as a matter of course. The perfect solution is a luxurious bath to aid in softening, smoothing and soothing that irritated skin. Taking the time to soak away the problem of dryness with a prepared bath loosens, relaxes and restores elasticity and moisture.

For the preparation, you will need a bath water product that is specifically developed for moisturizing, (rather than ordinary bubble bath, which is usually just liquid soap). Milk bath solutions are excellent, products that contain lanolin, mineral oils, emollients, aloe vera and such, offer deep body skin conditioning. The results: a smooth, silky feel to your body.

For extraordinary benefits, use a body scrub two or three times a week. Or, using a loofa sponge can give you fast, amazing results after only one use. Natural loofa products, those from the ocean plant, are very effective for removing dry surface skin. Soak in your favorite bath preparation for about ten minutes, then use your loofa sponge, gently massaging dry areas, such as feet knees, elbows and hands. Be sure to allow the sponge to soak prior to use as well to prevent any abrasions to the skin. Your skin will be soft and glowing!

Follow your luxury bath time with body cream or oil in your favorite scent. You need not be itchy or irritable from dry skin when relief is only a comforting bath away. Candles and company are optional.


IN YOUR BUSINESS Solving Workplace Worries


I work for a company that encourages employees to get together as a group to attend planned activities such as bowling, sports events, etc. They feel that this is a way of increasing team effectiveness, if we also participate in casual time together, too. My problem is that I never go to any of the events, which my department hosts about six times a year. I am wondering if I look like someone who is not a team player as a result? As much time as I spend at work with these people, I am really just not interested in this "casual time" together. What do you think?

Sales Division
Birmingham, AL

Dear Linda:

Let's look at the upside first: it really is prettty commendable that your company encourages this kind of regular synergy between employees. Obviously, they recognize that people who can play together will often work together much better, too. Our work relationships are so one-dimensional in that we only get to know people in their "work mode", which can be absent of the great personality factors we discover in casual situations.

Activities away from work allow us to see others more relaxed, and willing to be engaged in conversation that let us learn what kind of person they are as a friend, mom or dad, husband or wife, etc. We get to see other things about them, and experience them more "relationally" than we do during work hours (of course, sometimes that can be a bad thing). Overall, the ethic here is that building the casual relationships among the workers increases the productivity and satisfaction among them while on the job.

The downside is that you might experience negative situations that work out just the opposite. Not all employees shine outside of the workplace, even though they appear "sterling" while they are there. You can come away surprised and in dismay at "off-hours" antics.

In answer to your question, I think you should at least make an effort to attend one or two of the events, just to show you believe in the work/play ethic itself. Most of us have only "all work and no play" with our co-workers, so these planned activities really are a kind of cool opportunity to get to know each other on another level. While it may not be making you look bad by not attending, playing along with the team serves to make you look very good in the game.




"I think I will."  "Maybe I won't." "I probably should."  "If I do...well...I just don't know." "Just let the pieces fall where they may." Sound like you? The truth is, it sounds like just about all of us at some time or another. 

How do you feel about making decisions? Do you usually know what's right or best? Are you the kind of person who procrastinates and ponders? Are you someone who assuredly proceeds on the path that you think is the best choice?

Decisions can be very difficult. Some, if not most, require much time and effort. Many things that concern us need to be looked at inside and out. Our most important decisions require critical and analytical thinking to get the best results. 

The process can be grueling, until we master our critical thinking skills. We find that making the best decisions requires that we break down any situation into smaller "thought -size" pieces, even giving each point "microscopic" scrutiny in some circumstances.

Of course, sometimes, the smaller, less difficult decisions can often be made quickly. Without much consideration given to the outcome, we can anticipate from prior experience what the results could possibly be. If only all of life's decisions were so easy!

Unfortunately, all of life's decisions ARE NOT so easy, And, more unfortunately, sometimes we leave some of our vital decisions unaddressed for too long. What happens then? What happens is that a problem which may have been tackled and resolved, has now become a mammoth situation, and more difficult to manage.

Why do we do this? We often are intimidated by the change a decision can bring, or fearful of facing the consequences of our decisions. Even worse, we don't decide because we think we will make a wrong or bad choice. We duck and dodge some decisions because our lack of confidence in ourselves to do the right thing. We question ourselves and we questions ourselves, hoping to somehow discover what's "right".

While we struggle to know what to do, it's good for all of us to realize that we can't and will not always be right. We won't always make the best or correct decisions or choices. I've had to look face-to-face at bad decisions and wrong choices, and if you're like me, some of the resulting circumstances produced were none too kind and very hard to fix. That's the bad news, especially when your hope is that your "good" decision is supposed to be the "fix"! Wrong decisions happen though, and we just won't be on target every time. Even so, we can learn so much from our foibles, and our poor decision-making. 

Decision-making skill is often best developed when we make decision-making mistakes. If we choose the wrong thing a time or two, or twenty, we learn to be more careful and cautious. We also learn to use our acquired wisdom and "risk" analysis further down the road when tougher decisions need to be made.

Our confidence in ourselves and our decision-making grows, and our self-esteem strengthens when we begin to make better, bolder, and more accurate decisions. We feel self-assured about the results. And, even if it doesn't result in the manner we intended, we can still feel confident dealing with the damage that may result.

With all this in mind, certainly this "decision stuff" can be a risky business. Time can slip away. Opportunities can be lost. Things can go from critical to crisis. A situation can go from bad to worse. A little fire can become an inferno. Or, we can decide to take advantage of timing with confidence. We can decide to grasp opportunity fearlessly. We can decide to can take charge and manage your way through a hard process. We can decide to be a "fire-fighter" and "handle our business" with assertiveness and skill. Does all of this mean we could decide to exercise more control of our lives, affairs, and ourselves? Let me think...YES!.