Monday, December 15, 2014


        You'll Get There

There is a lot of road construction going on here in Houston. It causes congestion, delays, unfortunate accidents, and a whole lot of fits of frustration. Strangely enough, it's actually pretty exciting when you can travel across this big town without encountering any travel drama. Houston is about 600 square miles in size, so for some folks getting from anywhere to "there" in this city can be a hair-pulling, horn-honking, cussy-fussy experience, to say the least. 

Whenever I am in one of those traffic "situations", particularly when I'm supposed to cruising at 65 mph but only barely creeping along at 30, I often find myself wanting to exit off the freeway to take a different route. I literally have to fight the temptation not to. I've done it before, and time after time only to find myself in another "situation", delayed if not stuck again on my second route to my destination. I get where I'm going, of course, but it wasn't necessarily any faster, and definitely not as efficiently as the original route would have been. Detours are sometimes essential, but the best plan and route has always been when I remain patient, stay on track, and when I battle my crazy temptation to go another way.

What's The Hold Up, Anyway? 
Well, by now you know I'm really talking about life, too. We do the same thing when it comes to our daily journeys and plans. We get frustrated and challenged with wanting to get to our goals and destinations "another way" if things aren't moving in a way that is easy and fast. Get there easy. Get there fast. Get there another way if you have to. Sometimes that works, and sometimes it just doesn't. I can say this because I've been there, done that, handling life like a traffic "situation", eager to move on faster during times when I felt stuck. "What's the hold up? Let's keep it moving. Find another way."  Is that you, too? 

NO Backing Up
Making a choice to take another route since there seemed to be a problem with the original one does not often give remedy to things. It sounds like a good plan at the time, but not only  have I discovered that the choice to go another route was not a more efficient way, it was the WRONG WAY.  Then, you know what happens? NO backing up. NO quick shifting and I was well on my way. Nope, sometimes those route changes in life have you so backed up in life's traffic that all you can say is "how long will I be stuck here now? I was just trying to get where I wanted to go faster. Now, I can't tell when things are going to be moving smoothly again." Yes, I've said that, been there and hated it.

Keep Your Eyes On Where You're Headed
The moral to all this quipping is, keep your eyes on the destination. Don't be so frustrated by delays, and distracted by the "roads under construction" in your life. It's all a part of getting to wherever you are headed. Life's traffic isn't always smooth moving, but if you stay on the best course, the one you believe is the best route to get there, you'll arrive and you'll arrive successfully, and my guess is you'll be right on time.  ~S.R.F.

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Sunday, June 22, 2014


What's On Your Shelf?

Is Your Goal on Hold?
So many of us spend our whole lives not believing in ourselves as much as we should. I have no doubt that many marvelous achievements and accomplishments have been put on hold or hiatus that could have impacted lives, or even the world.

Do you ever wonder why it is so difficult to believe you can do what your passion is calling you to do? Do you wonder why we allow every excuse, even the bad ones, to block us from our destiny? God knows, we should not.

No More Excuses
It's time to clear the shelves of procrastination. It's time to dust off that dream and breathe some life back into it. It's time to stock up on some "cans" of inspiration, "cans" of confidence, "cans" of determination, "cans" of motivation, some "cans" of faith. It's time to fill the shelves of your thinking with so much "CAN do it" that you will never find your mental "cupboard" empty of energy or enthusiasm, only empty of excuses.

Here are a couple of helpful suggestions to help you start stocking up:

Stop the Crazy Self-Talk
1. Don't talk yourself out of it. Does this sound familiar: You're ready. Okay, now you're not. STOP. You can do it. Don't be your own obstacle. Get out of your own way. Dump the negative self-talk. Trash the excuses. Discard that lack of faith. Put a "can" of  "Yes, I can" and "Yes, I will" on the shelf and start making your moves.

Don't Listen to Crazy Opinions
2. Don't let others talk you out of it. So few people will say or show that they believe in us or support us. Instead, they tend to say the darnedest things, like "Why do you think you can do that?" "It's going to be really hard." "You can't do that." Unfortunately, those are just tip-of-the-iceberg comments. You have to ignore them. There is no other way. You can't bow to negativity and naysayers. You may have to clean your shelves of some people. You'll have to put some "cans" of wisdom on the shelf, and tell yourself that just because they don't "get it" is not a reason for you to not go and get what you want.

It's Not a Crazy Idea
3. Don't waste important energy wishing, grueling, hoping or having pity parties. You may have already spend a little too much time doing that. Your time is valuable. Put it into "cans". It's time to get going with your project. It's time to get moving on that idea. It's not crazy. It's time to move into action. It's time to make it happen. It's time to open up every "can" of motivation. It's time to realize that whatever you have hoped for, wished for and wanted can happen. You can do it. YOU CAN.  It's time!

They don't call me "THE FOX" for nothing. ~ S.R.F.  

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Stuck in a Jar: Perspective is a Weird Thing

How we see things determines how we react and respond to everything in life. One of my favorite stories is about a poor little grasshopper who was stuck in a jar. The story goes like this:

There was a grasshopper entrapped inside a glass jar, secured by a tight lid. A thousand times a day the little grasshopper would jump up and down in attempts to get out of the jar, only to find himself constantly banging his head against the lid. One day, someone removed the lid so the the little grasshopper could get out. The grasshopper then took several leaps, just as he had always done. However, the little guy never seemed to jump any higher than the top edge of the jar. He would still jump and jump, but never high enough to jump out. 

Trapped? Really? 
You see, he was so accustomed to never jumping any higher than the top of the jar. He didn't realize the POTENTIAL was there to jump right on out and be on his way if he would have jumped just a little bit higher.

I am wondering: Have you banged your head a lot trying to go HIGHER in life? Have you felt like you've made too many attempts that have failed? Are you like the grasshopper, not realizing that there's NO LID on YOUR LIFE, and NO LIMITS to what you could do, if you would just try a little harder to go a little higher? 

It's Time You Realized Your Potential
You are good, if not great at something. You are talented in some area. You have a gift that can be used to bless others. There is probably a list of things that you can do that can become lucrative ideas if they are developed. You can do more, be more, because you are MORE than you think you are. It's called POTENTIAL, and we all have a lot of it. 

It's Time To Take The Limits Off Yourself
You have heard it a million times if  you have heard it once, believe in yourself. There was no one there to help the little grasshopper. There may appear to be no one around to help you. The good news is that YOU CAN HELP YOU. Believe that you can do what you need to do to see beyond where you are to the place you want to be. 

It's Time To Take Your Leap
You can spend time trying to figure out the best way. You can spend time trying to determine if you can really do it. You can spend time debating on the "facts" of your situation. Or, you can spend time on your "jump" by taking your highest leap. At least you will land outside of your current way of thinking, and at most you will discover that was the only thing limiting you. 

It's Time To Jump as High as You Can
You are not trapped, other than by your own thinking. It's all in how you see it. It's all about perspective. Believe there is no lid. Believe there are no limits. Believe in your ability to jump high. IT'S TIME you begin THINKING OUT OF THE JAR! 

They don't call me "THE FOX" for nothing. ~ S.R.F.  

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Saturday, March 29, 2014


Having a Valley Experience? Get Up and Dust Off

Life Indeed Brings Challenges 
Challenges. Sometimes we triumph over them with the greatest of ease. Sometimes we don't. Sometimes we find ourselves in places of great disappointment, desperation and despair because of them. When that  happens, those emotional valleys can put us in a place of pause in our lives, and once we are there it can be hard to get out.

Everyone who has been there knows that a conscious awakening is the first step toward getting up and getting out. 

 Sound the "Alarm"
I've already positioned certain trusted individuals in my life to sound an alarm if they ever see me in a crazy emotional place. I've given them permission to verbally chastise me to a place of reason. I've told them to shake me and see if that aids in bringing me to my senses. I've told them that if none of that works, as a last resort give me a quick "snap the hell out of it" slap in the face. I'm telling you the truth, because If I can't do it myself, I want someone to help me "wake up" to the hard realities. Honestly, however, I hope it never gets to slapping part.

The point is, that there are times when we need to have an alarm going off from somewhere, pitching very loudly, particularly if our own internal alarms are broken. It's great if you are able to recognize your own valleys and ruts, and quickly send an alarm that says "Time to get up and get out of there", and make haste to do it. If not, get some other "alarms" in place that will blast loudly, get you up and help you start making your way back up.

Shake Yourself, Yourself
When you have been lying in a bed of discouragement or disappointment, most of your emotional fortitude has become latent. You may have to "shake yourself" by  reminding yourself of the energy and enthusiasm you once had. Let those thoughts kick into gear. Let those visions get you moving and shaking again. When you begin to vision the actions and activities that once stimulated and excited you most, you will probably find yourself saying,  "Geez, that was ME having all that fun." Well, the fun did not necessarily stop, you did. Shake yourself and get back to it.

Dusting Off
It's hard to look handsome or pretty and prepared for the world with "dust" all over you. Get out of that dusty valley. Clean up your thinking. Don't dwell on your "dusty" experience. Don't dwell on a "dusty" past. Don't dwell on "dusty" thoughts. Make up your mind that you are going to give yourself a real good dusting off. Make up your mind that  you're headed into the next moments, days, weeks and even years with a squeaky clear perspective that the best of your life is still ahead!

They don't call me "THE FOX" for nothing. ~ S.R.F. 

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Friday, February 28, 2014


 Need To Relax? Let Me Spell It Out For You

The world is busy. Life is busy. Chances are, you are busy. It can be difficult finding the time needed to relax, but relax we must. We think better when we take the time to relieve ourselves of some of the mental exhaustion. We work better when we find ways to mentally and physically engage in means and methods to be cooler and calmer.

We are better people when we can enjoy a calmer environment inside our heads, and out in the world. There are ways that we can begin to do that, too. Since we already know things are going to be busy, wouldn't it make sense to get busy about the business of relaxing? Ask yourself, is it time you really learned to relax? I can hear you saying "a quiet vacation would be the answer". Well, in the meantime, I'd like to spell out a few suggestions for taking a quiet cruise right where you sit, right now. Try this:

R -  Take some moments to RENEW. Take a deep breath. FLUSH and REFRESH your thinking regularly. It will take practice to do this, but this practice makes for perfect peace. Take a fifteen minute time-out a couple of times a day. Take a short walk or drive. Hide in the closet if you have to, but do it.

E -   EXERCISE mental peace and quietness. Be still for a while. When I need to, I sometimes take the time to look out into the sky from a window. There is usually an amazing calmness in the scenery itself. If your concentrate on the beauty of it, the expanse of it and the profundity of it, trivial things seem to fade.

L -   LESSEN the stress. Make time to let stuff go. Make a list of the unwanted and unnecessary activity in your head and your life, and just LET IT GO. There is no better way to put it. Stop thinking about it. Stop doing it if it's messing with your mental comfort and peace.

A -  Be AWARE of the things that distract from your inner balance. Stay calm and focused. Things are coming at us all the time. Choose your mental battles. Fight for your inner calmness. You know when your stress-odometer is going up, so decide right then and there what you are going to do about it. It works to tell yourself it's no biggie, or it's not that serious, because so much of what stresses us is small stuff. If something is big or serious, try to put it in perspective. After you have done all you can regarding the bigger and more serious issues, it won't help for you to keep stressing over it. Keep your inner balance.

X - Last but not least, "X" OUT NEGATIVITY, NOISE and NONSENSE. Remind yourself that you have no room in your head for it. Sometimes you really do have to simply ignore certain people, certain activities and conditions, and the general stuff that just makes no sense to participate in. If it looks like, walks like and talks like it's negativity, noise or nonsense, stay away from it. Keep your mental and physical energies channeled toward a cool, collective and fully relaxed state of mind. When you minimize and eliminate the negativity, noise and nonsense, your focus changes. It opens the door for mental restoration and peace.

I know you may be thinking that  the sensation and satisfaction of a beautiful sea breeze and hypnotic, calming waters would serve you best. Until you get there, you can take a vacay anytime using these techniques. They certainly will keep your life on "cruise" in the meanwhile. Try it and sail on! 

They don't call me "THE FOX" for nothing. ~ S.R.F. 

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Friday, February 21, 2014


Follow Your Heart: It's Not Too Late

Over the years I've met so many people who have expressed discontentment and displeasure with life. Some feel that they haven't advanced well in their career, while others feel that they chose the wrong path altogether. A great majority feel stifled and unfulfilled in relationships, marriage and family life. Surprisingly, even in mid-to-late life, there is still a sense of feeling lost and without purpose for many. Amid the feelings of having missed opportunities, having lost ground, and wallowing in missteps, I've even heard these words, "I should have followed my heart". Perhaps, that's true. 

Truth be told, many of us can say that our heart told us something that we should have done, but we ignored it for various reasons. It may have been fear of the unknown. It could have been lack of faith. It could have been a lack of self-confidence or belief in yourself. It may have been that life happened and seemed to get in its own way. However, rather than reflecting on what we think didn't happen, let's RETHINK the possibilities. Every door doesn't close. Every pathway doesn't end. Your dream may not have an expiration date. It may not be too late. 

Maybe all you need is a jolt of insight and an injection of motivation. Here are a couple of tips that could CHARGE UP your thinking:

1. DISCONTENTMENT and DISPLEASURE are easily overcome when you choose to do something that you find happiness and pleasure in. We may be thinking that life overall really sucks, but it may or may not be the big picture that is the problem. Sometimes if we pick up on a lost dream or back burner idea and start working on it, we get revved up and re-energized in the same way as if we had done it long ago. You don't have to remind yourself that you should have done it "back then". That doesn't matter. You can do it now.

2. Feeling STIFLED and without PURPOSE can be handled with the greatest of ease, too. What was it that you had wanted to do? What was it that lit a fire in you? What was it that made you feel like you would climb a mountain to reach it, or tear down walls to get at it? Try getting that VISION back again. See it with your mind's eye and allow your heart to throb for it. Let it come to life all over again. Let those feelings CONQUER any stifling thoughts and beliefs. Let that sense of  PURPOSE resonate over your entire being, then get at the business of what you know you are meant to do.

You know you want it. It's not too late. You can still do it. You can still get there. You can still have the dream. Break the mental barriers that hold you back. Go where your heart is calling.

They don't call me "THE FOX" for nothing. ~ S.R.F.  

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Thursday, February 13, 2014



Everyday issues can cause PANIC. Work, family, finances, miscellaneous problems, and a myriad of other stuff and things. If we are not careful, the emotion will take us off in a direction that causes us to handle none of these situations or circumstances well. So, what should we do when it seems like the panic button is always stuck?

There isn't always an easy answer or solution to that question, but one thing for sure works: KEEP YOUR FOCUS. Try to keep your mind on what's at hand and what the solution is or could possibly be. Think it over. Whether it's something that can be reckoned with immediately or even if it will require long-term dedication to fixing it, we manage ourselves and the things we are concerned about with a keener ability if we don't lose sight of what can be done to offer a remedy for it. The more we attempt to stay focused and in control, the better the results will be and the chances of having a successful outcome increases.

Choose POISE over panic. Choose to FOCUS your energy where it can benefit you. Choose to use YOUR POWER to make a different decision that will take you in a POSITIVE direction. Turn that PANIC BUTTON to the "OFF" position. I feel pretty certain that you will be glad you did.

They don't call me "THE FOX" for nothing. ~ S.R.F.  

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Monday, February 10, 2014



"PEOPLE to SEE. PLACES to GO. THINGS to DO." That's the mantra of those who are busy taking care of business on the regular.

Are you seeking out and connecting with the people who inspire you, motivate you, people who are on the high road? Are you taking yourself to places where it matters when you step on the scene? Are you in the  business of doing the things that are consistently taking you TOWARD your DESTINY, SUCCESS and PROSPERITY?

Today, maybe THINK ABOUT making this your MANTRA, too?  PEOPLE. PLACES. THINGS. SEE. GO. DO. Really, the choice is yours. Join the crowd. Face forward. GO. SEE. DO!

They don't call me "THE FOX" for nothing. ~ S.R.F. 

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

There's No Place Like a Home in Someone's Heart

Something to Brag About
I was talking with a gentleman the other day, who I'll call William. He's always boasting about his blessings and praising God for his life, his wife and his marriage. Almost every time you see him he's bragging. It isn't arrogant boasting. William is genuinely grateful and inspired by his own life's events, and you get some of the best chuckles when you listen to him talk about it.

Today I felt like boasting about William. You'll understand why after you read this.

Last week, William and I bumped into each other and wished each other a Happy New Year. I asked what did he and his wife have planned. 

He said, in his usual, jovial manner, 'We are just going to be together. I really love being with my wife."  

Listening With Your Eyes
As I listened this time, having heard him say how much he loved her many times before, I seemed to feel it so much, and I saw it in his eyes. We had a few minutes, so I was prompted to ask more about how they met. I had not heard the whole story until then, and this is what he told me:

"I was at church serving food to the homeless when I saw her. She was so messed up. I mean messed up! She had two huge black eyes (he emphasized HUGE), and was just crying and crying. I wanted to help her feel better, so I said 'Miss, everything will be alright. Can't you go to a family member's house? She told me she had no family to go to.  

A Strange Thing Happened 
 "I decided to take her home with me to take care of her. I could have taken advantage of her, but I didn't. I watched her sit there as she cried and cried. I just kept staring at her, and then something strange happened: I saw a person who was really messed up, BUT I COULD ALSO SEE MYSELF. Years prior, I had been through a program, too, and through substance abuse recovery. I was messed up just like that, or worse. I knew how hopeless she felt. I just comforted her, and she stayed the night and left the next day.

"About a week later, there was a knock at my door and it was her. She said she had come back to give me $20 for taking care of her that night. She tried to make me take it, but I wouldn't. It surprised me when she said 'let's go get some movies then'. So, we did and we watched movies all day. That day, I vowed to never let her get out of my sight again. Two weeks later, I married her. 

"When I told my pastor I wanted to marry "the homeless lady", he thought I was kidding. But, he not only married us at the church, they gave us a reception, too. That was eighteen years ago. Me and my wife are still at that church, and I have been happy and blessed ever since." 

Sometimes a Blessing Doesn't Always LOOK LIKE a Blessing
Quite a story, isn't it? There are so many POWERFUL LIFE LESSONS here, Friends. Imagine being homeless, hopeless, on drugs and abused, and LOVE somehow comes to your RESCUE. Imagine the joy of going from homeless to a home in someone's heart. I say this, ANYONE who is in that situation or anything similar, please don't give up on yourself or life. You are WORTHY of being loved, helped and  rescued. Please believe it. It's possible for God's LOVE, and a special person's love to find you, when you least expect it. Sometimes, love is all you need.

I must make mention that William is a dedicated, hard-working, strong Black man whose compassion is sincere and whose heart is gigantic. He saw something in this homeless woman that no other man dared to see, a BIG BLESSING. Sometimes a blessing doesn't always look like a blessing, does it? Perhaps, William may have missed it, too, if he had not been looking through the eyes of wisdom and compassion. 

It Pays to Pay Attention
It makes me know that we really need to pay ATTENTION. Any of us can lose out on so many SPECIAL PEOPLE, SPECIAL MOMENTS and SPECIAL BLESSINGS when we don't keep our eyes, mind and hearts open.  Men, keep this in mind, too: Don't ever sell yourself short regarding your capability to love, be loved and enjoy YOUR life. Your blessings and success in life may not look like that of movie stars and celebrities, but your happiness in life can. There are many of us who understand that to be true. It's your life. LIVE IT in your own special way. That's what truly matters at the end of the day, for anyone. 

An Inspiring Story, to Say the Least
Well, I was excited and quite inspired by my short chat with William. I was smiling really big inside and out as we parted. You just never know who or when someone will give you a major jolt of joy. I was paying attention, and I felt his happiness. 

Unfortunately, there is no "HELP" button we can push when life has its crazy and unforeseen dilemmas. However, stories like this remind us that there is always this enlightening and crazy thing called HOPE that can bring amazing things to our rescue.

One of the last things he said to me before our conversation ended was this:

"People may not think much of me because they see me having to pick up and clean up stuff all the time (he was referring to his position as Maintenance Engineer Manager), but that's alright. I'm a proud black man. I am SOMEBODY." 

I second that, Sir, you certainly are.